Ohmes-Raht Ria by Zelick
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Added: 16/06/2012 - 09:16PM
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Hello, this is mi frist mod, so forgive me if it a litle poor; any way, in this mod I change Ria into in a Ohmes-Rath member race; I use the race create by angelmeats, so all the credtis for the race belong to him

here is the link

┬┐where you find Ria?
Ria is in Jorvaskerr, you need to complet the companions quests in order to recruit her has a follower

you will need the mod race AND the replace Khajiit version that is important or the mod won't work
and maybe the apachii hair mod but im not sure

edit: I do not kow why the imagen is in black, but if you click in there you see that
In Spnaish:

Hola, este es mi primer mod, asi que no seais muy duros si es algo pobre; en este mod cambio la raza de Ria, a la raza de Ohmes_rath creada por angelmeats asi que tod lo referente a la raza le pertenece a el, yo solo he echo el cambio en Ria

este es el link de la raza

para que el mod funcione necesitas descargarte la raza Y la version Khajjit replace, si no, el mod posiblemente no funcione y quizas el mod de apachii hair pero no estoy seguro
edito: no tengo ni idea de porque la imagen esta en negro, pero si pinchais en ella la vereis