Teddy Bear Shield by RIP88
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Added: 16/06/2012 - 04:32AM
Updated: 07/08/2015 - 01:38PM

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Last updated at 13:38, 7 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 4:32, 16 Jun 2012

This small, stand alone mod adds; a Teddy Bear, that Players or NPCs can carry around with them. Just for fun.
(It will Not overwrite anything vanilla)
It is a modification of Tamiras mod, "Teddybears" found here:
(Used with permision of course)

ESP contains;
1 Teddy Bear, Modified so it can be equipped as a shield.

Planned additions:

v 1.0 Initial release.

Required Files:

Extract the contents of the Data folder to, your skyrim Data directory, (typically, C:ProgramfilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData)
Insure RIP88_Teddy_Bear_Shield.ESp, Is turned on.

RIP88_Teddy_Bear_Shield.ESp,from skyrimData
TeddyBear.nif & TeddyBeargrnd.nif, from MeshesclutterRIP88
aarip88_GiveTeddy.pex, from Scripts

Known Issues:
If you all ready have, Tamiras mod, "Teddybears", it will prompt for overwrite of 3 texture files.
(they are the same textures by Arion., overwrite or not makes no difference)
(Used with permision of course)

should not have any compatibility issues what so ever.

Tools Used:
Creation Kit

Anyone is free to use anything that I have made for non commercial use only.
However, most of my work is based in some way off a stock Bethesda mesh or texture, so keep it in this game please.
Some of the assets in this file are NOT mine but are used by permission so please contact me before attempting to use any assets from this mod.
Credits to those I have credited should be passed forward, of course. If using just parts, you can contact me for what credits should be passed on with what parts.

Nobody may upload my mod to any other sites, Repackage and claim it as their work, Profit from the use of,
or restrict others from using ("their works" "based on my parts"). its just a game folks, lets keep it fun.

Abitor, from for the original model and texture
Arion, The Creator of the textures.
Tamira, The Author of the mod I got the Teddy Bear from.
Bethesda, for another fun game.

Thanks To:
The awesome modders ahead of me, without their work, I would not have had anything to disect in my quest to learn all this.
Everyone who has taken the time to post tutorials on modding and scripting.
The Makers of NifScope (without whom this wouldn't be possible)

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