Falls Hut by Karasho
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Added: 15/06/2012 - 04:00PM
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Thanks to Saio!

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This Mod adds a cozy, very detailed little House to the Fall Forest, named Fall's Hut.
It fits seamless into the Environment of Skyrim and is Lore-Friendly. The Interior is decorated and highly detailed. It is located in the West of Riften, you can travel there immediately after activating the Mod. The House is fully navmeshed, so Followers or even your Spouse can live with you. This house has nothing special, it convinces with details and cozyness. It is perfect for those who want to play Skyrim fairly and lore-friendly.


I HIGHLY recommend to use NexusModManager to install. Its the easiest way of installing it.
But if you want to install it manually, drop the .ESP and the .BSA in your Skyrim Data Folder, then activate them in NMM or Steam.


If you have installed it with NexusModManager, deinstall it by double-clicking on the mod's name.
If you have installed it manually, delete the FallsHut.esp in your Skyrim Data Folder.

Known Issues or Bugs

Right now, there are no Issues or Bugs, I'm living in it myself and everything works fine for me.

Improvement & Updates

I'll update my Mod everytime I change something, and this is quite often. If you have suggestions how to improve, feel free to share them in the Comments or send me a PM.

Update Idea is to add a traveling merchant, which will provide you food and supplies once a week.


XBox 360 Release! (23.10.12)
Thanks to selyb!

v1.0 (15.06.12)

Initial Release

If anyone could need help with his or her Mod, write me a Message on the Nexus!

Thanks to Bethesda for their awesome Game Skyrim and their Creation Kit!