Challenging AI - Aggressive Combat Styles by spacepope
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Added: 15/06/2012 - 05:29AM
Updated: 15/06/2012 - 05:31AM

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Last updated at 5:31, 15 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 5:29, 15 Jun 2012

Tired of having dumb enemy combatants standing around waiting for you to bash their face in during combat? Well then this mod is for you!

This is quite a simple mod that changes the way most combatants choose to fight you. Instead of acting like an idiot and just sort of hovering around you during combat, NPCs will be very aggressive, they will frequently block your attacks, and they will frequently shield-bash you.

There was about a 300-400% practical skill difference between high level and low level combatants, now that difference is much smaller. The lower level bandits will attack you with force and will actually attempt to block your attacks. In simple terms they will just be skilled and opportunistic combatants, you'll find that low level combatants fight with the skill and ferocity that you'd expect from high level combatants.

This mod DOES NOT modify skill or attribute values, it only changes the way that AI combatants fight.

The following AI types have been modified:

- Human (soldiers, bandits, misc. NPCs)
- Falmer
- Draugr
- Vampires

I may patch the mod and add more later if it's necessary, there's a few combat styles that I'm unsure about for I left those out for now.


This mod is liable to screw with any other mod that changes the CombatStyles. Use common sense.