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Markarth city banner texture file

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The vanilla texture for the Markarth city banner appears to be a placeholder that was never used in game. I created a simple banner design so those wishing to display a Markarth banner or all 9 'city banners' in mods would be able to do so. This banner never appears in the vanilla game. This is a texture resource for modders wishing to display a Markarth banner in their mods because the neon green text vanilla version was obviously never meant to be used and looks quite silly.

This is only a texture file. The vanilla texture is pretty much unusable so I didn't see the need to offer a mesh hook-up and make this a new object.

There are two texture files to choose from. The first is a tattered, holey version that matches the other vanilla city banners in the game. The second is a cleaner, hole free version. Clean-up on this version provided by uglydemon. The clean version will match uglydemon's Intact Banners mod.

To manually install, simply choose which version you would like and drop this file into your Skyrim Data > Textures > Clutter folder and it will replace the original texture.