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Added: 12/06/2012 - 09:08PM
Updated: 15/02/2013 - 09:04PM

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Last updated at 21:04, 15 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 21:08, 12 Jun 2012

adds five synchronized chests to the playerhomes shareing the same inventory
adds a spell to teleport items into these chests, warning this spell can fail, the chance the spell successed is the higher the higher the players alterationskill is.
A failed spell will ether do nothing, or teleporting the items to a random dungeon chest, if this happens you will recive a quest pointing at this dungeon chest.

---Creating more Chests---
Its realy easy to place new chest via console, [IMPORTAND: make a backup save] though using "player.placeatme 0f000d6b" the first two digits are depanding on your modload order, is this mod the first esp/esm the first two digits will be 01.
After this click it in console and type "setangle x 0" and "setangle y 0"
using "setscale 0.5" will make it as half as big as before.
using "setangle z" will rotate the chest.

to delete a chests placed via this methode leftclick it in console and type "disable" and than "MarkForDelete".

- fixed a small clipping issue in Honeyside.
- fixed a small clipping issue in Vlindrel.
- changed the failchancescript a bit to recive a more realistic chance. (the player will benefit)
- added german version

Known issues:
Chests donĀ“t automaticly run the closeing animation properly, not dangerous.
In Breezehome you hear a doubled chest sound when opening my chest, not dangerous, too.
If the Dungeon chest is a Falmer chest you have to open it twice until your items are displayed, not dangerous, too.

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