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Last updated at 4:03, 4 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 13:40, 12 Jun 2012

This Mod/Tutorial has been abandoned as it no longer serves any purpose.

I started this mod (if I remember well) back in june 2012, it used to be a project targetted to
provide shelter from rain to Skyrim.
After some time I started to lack time to continue it, and from reading comments about triggers
being a bad idea I understood I was just losing my time by using such method to provide "shelter" so I left it.
On Xmas (and months after it) I started to think about other methods I could use, and so I started
another project, "Physical Rain and Snow" but thought it was a waste to just bury this project
together with the other ideas I thought, so I decided to turn this into a "Tutorial" which will hopefully be useful for other people, providing various methods to shelter your location.

Method 1: Trigger version - 0.80b
I come to consider it a "quick, easy and dirty" way to provide shelter to MULTIPLE locations,
In short, you place a trigger in every place which is supposed to cover you from rain/snow which will turn off the current weather and turn on a copy of the weather which has the same lighting and stuff but no particle effects.
Soon after it triggers some rain/snow effects which will show just outside the cover and give you the feeling that it's "colliding" with the roof or bridge or whatever is on your head.
Once you decide to walk away, the script stops and the old weather will play until you get inside a cover again.
You'll come to better understand how it works by reading the tutorial and the source code provided in the download section, you'll also find a mod as "example" with those locations done:

Mod status
  • City: Whiterun: 95%
  • Village: Riverwood: 75%
  • Village: Half-moon Mill: 35%
  • Village: Karthwasten: 80%
  • House: Anise's cabin: 100%
  • House: Alchemist's shack: 100%
  • Ruin: Hamvir's rest: 100%
  • Road: Riverwood - Whiterun : 5%

I suggest you to give a look at the alchemist's shack, location taken in consideration in the tutorial and in my opinion, the most simple one to understand how the mod works.

Method 2: Recognition version - 0.60a
It's the first alternate method I thought which work in a similar way but tracks the player position differently, no triggers used.
This method is thought to shelter ONLY ONE location, ranging from just one cabin to just one town.
It works by having a quest start automatically with a script keeping track of player's position, the marker (with the rain OR snow) will get enabled -only- when the player will be inbetween two "limits": (Y < P < Y2) whereas Y2 is the max and Y is the minimum. As far as you're in P, you're sheltered.
Again, Alchemist's shack is the location taken in consideration in the tutorial, for the same reasons of being "easy to understand".
This is a much harder, limited, slower and dirtier(?) method to use, to take in consideration only if you really hate triggers.

*More methods to come*

Suggested mods
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Special thanks to
  • Brodual
  • Chesko
  • Flobalob
  • Gasti89
  • Ka3m0n

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