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You can receive 9 divines blessing in vanilla.
And now,You can receive 15 Daedra lords blessing!
The effects of them is stronger and more unique than 9 divines'.
ex),Boethiah's blessing gives you muffle and poison resist effect.

In using optional file,You can get another daedric artifacts.
To get them is difficult,but their ability is awesome!
Now I made 6 items,and 3 of them have unique design.
I'll add more items!

During your trip,you may meet believers of the Daedra.
They has a daily routine of praying for their lord.

-Change Log-

Another Daedric Items ver1.4...Added Mehrunes' Nail Scissors

TheWorship of Daedra ver1.3...Added Skill Trainer Faction to Cultists

Another Daedric Items ver1.2...Added Sanguine's Water Bottle

Another Daedric Items ver1.1...Added Hircine's Bow

I used files from free resource below.

-Nerevar Moon-and-Star
-Serpent Dagger and Staff Resource
-URW - Useless Resources - Weapons

Thanks for awesome resources!

This is an upgraded mod from my mod"Blessing of Daedra".
If you have used it,thank you and try to use this!