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This is a small stand alone mod that adds 4 pieces of New, "Lore Unfriendly", Pool/Beach furniture into Skyrim. Just for fun.
(It will Not overwrite anything vanilla)

Permissions and credits
This is a small stand alone mod that adds 4 pieces of New, "Lore Unfriendly", Pool/Beach furniture into Skyrim. Just for fun.
(It will Not overwrite anything vanilla)

ESM contains;
1 pool raft (laydown)
4 colors included
1 beach towel (laydown)
1 beach towel w/rolled towel for pillow (laydown)
1 folded towel (sit ledge).
4 towel textures included (work with any of towels above)

ESP includes;
Some of these items placed in and around the water outside DragonsReach in Whiterun. Chosen because it is an easy place to show them to you.

Also included in file;
1 script to make Pool raft work for "Players" (script source also included)
PSDs for raft and towels are also included in the textures folder, for those who want to make additional textures.

All are useable by both the player and/or NPCs
All are packaged as an ESM for easy use in other mods, and are drag and drop ready.
(the pool raft does require 1 script, in order to be useable by the Player, but only has 1 property to be set),
easy to follow instructions included, for new modders.

This is primarily intended as a modders resource, the mod I made them for wont be ready for a while, so I thought I'd release this now, for others to use.
The included ESP is really just a way for you to check them out.

v 1.0 Initial release.

Required Files:

Extract the Contents of the "Data" folder to, your skyrimData directory, (typically, C:ProgramfilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData)
Insure RIP88_Pool_Furniture.ESM, Is turned on.
To preview the Items,
Insure RIP88_Pool_Furniture_Sample.ESP Is turned on.

RIP88_Pool_Furniture.ESM, & RIP88_Pool_Furniture_Sample.ESP from skyrim
Remove, RIP88 folders from;
Meshesclutter, Meshesfurniture, and Texturesclutter
and lastly remove, aaRIP88_MovePlayerOnActivateScript
from scripts

Known Issues:
Correct placement of the pool raft is required for NPC's to use them, And a script must be used in order for "players" to use them.
Both issues are due to the fact that the raft is near the surface of the water, and and the actors feet are not.
Correct placement of the raft is "6-8 ticks below water level" (see included screenshots), if that's not clear enough.
If "Player" lays down in first person, then rotates the camera they turn on the furniture.
By design, not a bug, I turned off "force 1st person" for screenshot purposes. Just lay down in third person.

Assuming you have a "package" telling "NPC x" to use "raft x" at "time x"
If at time x, NPC x just stands where they were, then raft x, is probably placed too high. (they cant reach it)
If at time x, NPC x moves near raft x, but wont get on, then height of your raft is fine, (they could reach it so they headed toward it)
Try moving your raft a few feet away, not sure why the rafts wont work in some spots, but that's the symptom.

RIP88_Pool_Furniture_Sample.ESP will be incompatible with any mod outside dragorsreach in whiterun.
But its just a sample anyway
RIP88_Pool_Furniture.ESM should not have any compatibility issues what so ever.

Tools Used:
Creation Kit

Anyone is free to use any part of this mod (that's what its here for) as long as it for a NON COMERCIAL mod.
I would appreciate it if you would message me, with what mod you have used it in so I can check out your work.
And a thank you would be nice ;-)

Nobody may upload my mod to any other sites, Repackage and claim it as their work, Profit from the use of "the mod in whole" or any of its assets, or restrict others from using ("their works" "based on my parts"). its just a game folks, lets keep it fun.

Bethesda, for another fun game, and the meshes I reused.

Thanks To:
The awesome modders ahead of me, without their work, I would not have had anything to disect in my quest to learn all this.
Everyone who answered my dumb questions, as I have not done any modding sense "Tom Clancys Rainbow Six series" some 8 years ago?
Especially Fore, and WillieSea
Everyone who has taken the time to post tutorials on modding and scripting.
The Makers of NifScope (without whom this wouldn't be possible)
The Makers of TESsnip (without whom this wouldn't be possible)

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