Pilfer - The Auto-Looter - SKSE Required by Alex Ducey
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Added: 11/06/2012 - 10:59PM
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Okay, here's what the mod does: Every time an enemy dies, or you pass over a corpse, it looks through their inventory for anything above the V/W ratio that you yourself set. Then it gives all that stuff to you, and the enemy keeps all of their other belongings. Simple as that.

More technical description: Actually what is happening here is the following: Every enemy has all of their stuff transferred to an imaginary chest. This chest has a script attached to it that sort things into loot above the V/W ratio and stuff below it. The stuff below it it gives back to the enemy, the stuff above goes to you. Simple as pie.

How to use: You're gonna go to Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach, and there will be two new destruction tomes for you to pick up (actually the spells are in restoration though). One will allow you to choose your basement Value/Weight ratio from the options of 5,10,15,50,75,100,150,200,250, and 300.
Once you choose this, cast the other spell (which is a cloak) on yourself.
From there on its happy looting.
Let me know if there are any problems.

P.S If you don't have the SKSE it will give everything to you.

NOTE: This no longer strip searches NPCs. So, no more naked NPCs everywhere.
It is also now incapable of over-encumbering the player.