Alternative Beginning-Dremora Warrior by Dynasti99
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This is an alternative beginning for Skyrim.You start out at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon,being banished from Dagon's Oblivion realm for giving your allegiance to Molag Bal,and sacrifising a high ranking warrior Dremora,not knowing any other place than the Shrine,nor having a single penny,only having your armor and weapons,you must embark on a quest to be accepted by the people of Skyrim and find your way in Tamriel.

This mod requires Playable childs and Dremora by Sagittarius22 for the Dremora race
Also,you start with Daedric armor without the helmet,a Daedric Greatsword,a Daedric Sword,a Daedric Shield and 3 potions of Ultimate Healing,so its a pretty good start,except you dont have a single coin.Also,you dont have any special skills,all are set to 15,so you can change to a rogue or a mage,but if you're lore friendly,then be either a warrior,mage or an archer,since there were no Dremora rogues.Ask me if you want to edit,but there isn't much to change.Remember that you make your own story and most actions will reflect on what you do,which you already probably know.Thank you for using this save file.
Put the file in Documents\MyGames\Skyrim\Saves