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I never really cared for many of the Lydia Mods out there. Don't get me wrong, I think these modders have amazing talent, but none of them for me.

ALSO I made this to go along with HIGH LEVEL characters. If you think she is over-powered just download the Non OP file

ITEMS: Her default items are "The Armsman's Sword" (Found here:|:|id=17250 )
Her default clothing is the "Expert Robes of Destruction Mage Outfit" This was done to allow the NPC to Auto-Equip any armor given to her.

Apachii Sky Hair:

Regent Armory:

CBBE (Yes there is a non-nude version) :

I also recommend Bella's Better Females :

Photos were taken with Sharpshooters Extreme ENB :

INSTALLATION: Drag the two files in the ZIP file into your skyrim/Data folder
Or Just use the Nexus Mod Manager :D

UNISTALLATION: Go to your data files when launching skyrim and disable LydiaModified.esp
Or Uninstall it with NMM :D
Or Delete LydiaModified.esp and LydiaModified.bsa

Feed Back is always appreciated! :D

And as always if you think I should fix something or just have an idea to improve it, Please Message me on this forum or comment :D