Greybeard Robes and Ring of Felldir the Old by bobrockstar
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This mod will place a chest in the left wing of High Hrothgar containing the boots, hood, and tunic of the Greybeards. It is the same set that the other Greybeards wear. They will be marked as stolen when you take them, but you can easily trade each piece to a fence and then re-buy them (or use other methods). The set is considered light armor and provides a base armor bonus total of 21. The tunic provides 9 armor, and the boots and hood each provide 6. It is possible to enchant each piece of the set. They are not upgradeable at a workbench, however.

There is another full set of special Greybeard Robes, with "reduce shout cooldown time" enchantment on each of the 3 pieces, inside the wardrobe to the far end of the High Hrothgar sleeping quarters. The wardrobe can be unlocked with a key, if you can find it. There is a note on the dresser near the wardrobe that will give you a clue to the location of the key. As a clue, I will let you know that you will not be able to get the key until after you have learned the Clear Skies shout.

There is also a unique ring that provides another cooldown bonus hidden somewhere inside High Hrothgar, but I'm not telling where! It is quite well hidden, so have fun finding it!

If you find the ring, please do not spoil the fun of searching for it by commenting on its location.

For those of you who do not have the robes showing up in the wardrobe once you get the key, I have provided the item codes below. Simply type "player.additem ####### 1" in the console. Alternatively, you can look up the item codes by typing "help felldir 4" and use the page-up button to scroll through the list of items with "felldir" in their name.
Felldir's Boots - 7001D95
Felldir's Hood - 7001D96
Felldir's Robes - 7001D97
Felldir's Ring - 7001D99

20% shout cooldown time reduction - Robes
15% shout cooldown time reduction - Boots
15% shout cooldown time reduction - Hood
15% shout cooldown time reduction - Ring

So, with the 3 clothing pieces, the ring, and an Amulet of Talos, you will have a total shout cooldown time reduction of 85%. I believe this is a relatively balanced bonus. I do not think it is too overpowered, especially after all the effort you might put into finding the hidden ring and key to the wardrobe. You will also not be able to obtain the entire set until you have progressed a good amount through the main quest.

Simply open the in-game console with the "~" key.
Left-click on the wardrobe with your mouse cursor.
Type "unlock" but without the quotations.
Open the wardrobe.

Sorry, but I will not reveal the location of the ring or its item ID code.

I hope you like the mod! :)

The idea for this mod was given to me by daventry. I would like to thank him for the idea and the fun time I had developing the mod.