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This mod is a joint effort between myself perkz2010 & dizzymasskill who is a brand new modder and this is the first thing he has put his hand to and we are hoping that this mod will grow into a something we can be proud of, so please that can only happen with your help so if you have feed back please add it and please endorse if you like it, Thank you all

Artifacts of Tamriel is going to be part of a larger mod that will add many wonderful items from Tamriel from:
- Artifacts
- Regional foods & drink
- Books
and much more.........

AOT Will be concentrating on bringing back our beloved artifacts such as Umbra, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw etc, etc.

Each module will add a new quest & one or more artifacts.
The quest are free form so no map markers journal pop ups, we have done this because we want you to accidentally stumble across the quests by reading books opening chests and killing folk we dont want to hold your hand and give it you to easy.

Module 1. Umbra
Module 2. Goldbrand
All artifacts are in a group of books called Artifacts of Tamriel that have been put into the lvl lists and can be found in all good merchants. there are clues in the books so sorry to all you folks who like markers your not gonna get them.

Known Issues
None known but please let us know if you find any.

InsanitySorrow for his mods where the meshes & textures came from.

as most of the models will be coming from other modders please do not use the models from our mods use the links provided and get permission from the owners.