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Sithis\' is angered that all you get for completing the DB questline is 20000 coin that you have to spend all but 1000 of, and a lousy knife that absorbs 10 health. So to even it out, he has blessed the blade of woe with his power, and has renamed it after himself.

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I was disappointed that the Blade of woe, true to its name if a bit backwards, caused me woe. I just laugh at such a pitiful enchantment. They could of at least given it a unique enchant, but its just a common absorb health. So I fiddled a bit with the creation kit a came up with this.... SITHIS' RAZOR! (yes the name is a rip of Mehrunes' Razor) it, like Mehrunes' Razor, has a small chance to kill instantaneously, but whats more, it absorbs 20 health, causes extra bleeding damage, is faster, and lighter. This is just a beginners mod but I'm pleased with it so I put it out here, suggestions and critisims are welcome. I will not make a new model myself because i am currently unable to do so, if someone wishes to assist, I may add a new model.
I do wish to upload this file with The mutilator model( by faxivcm) but have yet to gain permission
(does this warrant images, currently it looks like the same as the regular blade of woe if you want to know what the description is, it is" Sithis' power courses through this blade. He may choose to lend you aid, and kill your foe instantly. Regardless, his power will sharpen this blade to a razor edge, causing deeper, more painful cuts. As well as sapping health from those who dare oppose you. Hail Sithis!" )