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Last updated at 11:58, 12 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 18:20, 10 Jun 2012

This is a simple mod that adds a few things to the jail cells of skyrim.

Completely inspired by EmhyrTyl's Crime and Punishment.
A mod that makes the crime system in skyrim a little more enjoyable, or dreadful. Where you will have to wait out your conviction based on your crimes.

And it was fueled by Imp's More Complex Needs. A mod that makes eating, drinking, and sleeping essential to your life.

And finally provoked by Sleeping - Fast Travel - and Waiting Dangers - Sands of Time. where sleeping in dangerous places will give a chance of being ambushed in your sleep.

combining these three mods would provoke me to sustain myself with food and water to prevent massive skill loss and death of starvation. And the bandits that attack during sleep would ultimately destroy me with the stats so greatly reduced from being starved. All trying to survive the sentance in jail.

The Room:
The room will now contain a few containers for some raw food and vegetables, ingredients, and a pot of food. The containers hold a pretty goood amount of food, and the only drink is a mead barrel. You must balance your food wisely if you dont want to starve the remaining days.

V 0.5:
Added Windhelm and Solitude.

As of now, only Whiterun and Riften jails have been modified.

The only issue as of late is an imbalance of food and ingredients.