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?YUYI-HD6-ENB?by yuy0522

Historical versions and updates

?4.0 update, the Fourth Amendment to re-adjust the hue of the sky the sun light and the clouds and set to make the sky look more realistic and gorgeous?

Before the top of the version of the sky is too bright tone partial gray sun light is too strong simply can not see the sun wood! Other do not want to explain that, who knows who!

?4.1 update strengthened the contrast and hue of the moon, etc ...?

?4.2 update, adjust the viewing effect of the Ao-care villas and in some places, slightly strengthened the saturation of point light sources, etc. ... If you feel too full of electric light source color and appropriate to reduce the PointLightingCurveDay = 1.2 PointLightingCurveNight = 1.3 these two, the sky blue can improve GradientDesaturation = 0.3 This is one other little detail you can figure it?

?4.3 update, and strengthen the overall picture color saturation, fine-tuning during the day and night screen colors, reduce glare during the day and high light reflectance glow ... to modify the screenshot button on the Insert?

?I am sorry you previously issued version 4.3 of the daytime color bluish tone wrong 0.01 I tune into the 0.1 re-upload?

?4.3.1 update was reflected in the 4.3 purple, dungeons and indoor shadow too bright, so on the basis of 4.3, again fine-tune the hue, dungeons and interior of the shadow, etc ... the attachment has been updated?

During the day outdoors, dungeons and indoor shadow highlights adjustment AmbientLightingCurveDay = X.XX (the greater the value the more dark shadow, it is recommended values ??adjusted between 0.2 to 0.5)?

?5.0 update, "enb-0.109" to solve the grass shadows, green water not see many other issues, the game performance has improved?

?Re the SMAA, repeated tests compared after ATI graphics card, the SMAA antialiasing in fact the game comes with anti-aliasing and font not clear, and the performance test, the game comes with antialiasing AA Close 40 left and right, anti-aliasing the AA × 2 to 34 frames or so, anti-aliasing AA × 4 30 frames or so, antialiasing AA × 8 28 frame around the SMAA open the lowest level 35 or so, the SMAA open the highest level of about 32, the configuration is not very good recommended game that comes with anti-aliasing × 2 is the highest price?

?5.1 update, re-adjust the brightness of indoor lighting and color saturation ...?

Has been closed SSAO, the DOF, indirect lighting and NVIDIA graphics card, turn off SSAO and indirect lighting can substantially improve the number of frames
EnableAmbientOcclusion = false SSAO switch
EnableDepthOfField = false DOF depth of field switch
UseIndirectLighting = false indirect light switch, open the slow mode is the SSAO

I upload pictures effect, with the use of the ?ScriptDragon?plugin, To change the weather system,
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