Dragon Bridge Cave Home by AshyRaccoon
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Added: 10/06/2012 - 09:22AM
Updated: 28/06/2012 - 11:03AM

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Last updated at 11:03, 28 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 9:22, 10 Jun 2012

Provides a cave suitable as a home near Dragon Bridge.
(IF YOU'RE UPGRADING FROM AN EARLIER VERSION, you'll need to re-discover the map marker. It is quite near Dragon Bridge, though.)

It contains a bedroll, a few chairs, and varied storage. (Multiple chests, satchels, bags, and barrels.)

In short, I had a desire for a cave to call home near Dragon Bridge, but no one had created one, to my knowledge.
I tried to make it feel interesting, or at least inviting. It looks a little lived in, with its torch sconce posts, and some furnishings.

Its location is outside Dragon Bridge, on the town side of the river, past the sawmill, up the slope to the left. It is nestled behind a group of trees.

This is the first area I've created for Skyrim, so there are surely things that could be improved upon.

(The cell name is "dragonbridgecavear", if it is required for some reason.)

The torches respawn after a period of time of not being in the cell, depsite that I made sure to uncheck respawn on the sconces, and their lights.
I may need to copy the script and cook up my own version of it.

Revision 6 (1.06):
- Changed the map marker to not be discovered by default, as intended.
- Added a knapsack inside, near the entrance. I hope it doesn't seem too out of place.
- Much attempted cleaning-up of the navmesh outside. It's still a little iffy in a spot, but should be overall improved..
Revision 5 (1.05):
-Removed a dirty edit that shouldn't have been there of the mountain outside. I did hit undo after accidentally selecting it before, but still.
-Modified the navmesh outside, so now followers will actually follow you in. Whoops! Also cleaned up the navmesh inside. Outside navmesh might still need some cleanup, but my followers managed to make it up and down, at least.
-Now when you quick travel to the cave, you end up to the side of the entrance, instead of right in front of it.
-Made sure each container is set to be ignored by sandbox, and no AI acquire
Revision 4 (1.03):
-There was a bug with the torch sconces acting odd. They are now initially on to get around that, but they still respawn. I may need to tinker with a copy of the script, as setting them to not respawn doesn't seem to take... or replace them with static, untoggleable lights.
Revision 3 (1.02):
-Set the cell ownership to PlayerFaction, set the bed and containers to be ignored by sandbox, and set no AI acquire on the containers. Wouldn't want NPCs or the quest system being rude.
-Moved troublesome satchel
Revision 2 (1.01):
-Replaced the lighting with torch brackets, as I really like the idea of being able to turn the lighting on or off.
-Fixed the entrance glow.
-Added more storage in other spots, another chair, and a little more detail here or there.
-Added some wind sounds, and a drip sound.