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The mod Immersive Weapons also includes these weapon models, be sure not to double up!

1. 19 new standalone weapons
2. All carefully placed in leveled lists
3. Craftable and balanced
4. 1 Hand-placed enchanted weapon

Weapon Summary:
Arakh (steel)- An steel sickle with good damage.
Asuma Blade (elven)- A fast dagger held backwards (switchable to forward at the Skyforge for convenience).
Afterslash (steel)- A beautiful steel sword.
Assassin Sword (ebony)- A fast-swinging sword crafted from ebony and steel alloys.
Azura's Moon (daedric)- The weapon of acolytes of Azura. An ornate moon-shaped cross between dagger and axe tipped with soulgems in honor of the Lady of Twilight.
Ember Coil (ebony)- An ebony-inlaid steel sword with flaming elements fuel by fire salts.
Fleur De Lis (elven)- A light, ornate sword made with gold and moonstone.
Greyblade (ebony)- A powerful sword with gold accents.
Ice (dwarven)- a powerful two-hander with and dwarven metal handle.
Long Claw (steel)- The little brother to the Ember Coil, the ornate handle features a fire-breathing dragon.
Malacath's Cleaver (daedric)- The weapon of acolytes of Malacath. A large, powerful weapon with an Orchalium core and steel and ebony blade that makes it strong and heavy yet shard enough to split a hair. The name of The Price of the Spurned is carven in the blade and glows with his power.
Sword of Merlin (steel)- a strong, two-handed steel blade.
Orante Maul (elven&ebony)- to craft this great weapon, one must master both the elegance of moonstone and the density of ebony. The combination of these arts makes a weapon that rivals that of the gods.
Iron Pick (iron)- A simple but effective weapon that combines the speed of a sword with the cutting surface of an axe
Twisted Blade (steel)- A piercing head adorns the spiral handle in this light but strong blade.
Slipcleave (draugr)- By melting down a draugr sword, it is possible to combine ancient tradition with modern steel techniques. Rumor has it a few draugr themselves have gotten a hold of this interesting sword.
Serpentine Axe (steel)- A steel weapon with more surface area than your average axe. It looks cool and still bashes heads like a pro.
Spear Blade (steel)- A slim, sleek blade that swing even faster than the average sword.
Split Blade (steel)- A large sword that packs a punch, include a blade that goes from handle to tip.

None known yet. I will update this section when some are reported.

These were all modeled by Urwy as a modder's resource but they never got a complete pack.