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This location MOD is as follows;

Intention of my mod (You dont have to read this part):
At first place (After few weeks of release of the Skyrim), I wanted to make town citizens (such as Ysolda/Ingun Blair/Rorik... etc) to follow me. and also I want the same thing from some special NPCs who cannot be follower due to the key-quest giver (Balgraaf/Ulfric/Tulius/Mercer... etc).

So I made several crones of them by the CK for my own use. still I felt alittle bit hollow just put my NPCs in the town or somewhere, so I decided to make some town where my Lore-base followers can live.

In a sense this town mod itself is my home (or i would like rather to say Player's home ^ ^). When we want some help from the citizens of my mod, we can point them and type "bat friend" (in the console). And I made them various types of combat(1 handed/2 handed/ Dual/ Element/ Con). They are not essential but they are Re-spawning NPCs.

1. Water splashing town.
The town is connected to Skyrim world by a Loading-door.
The loading door is very near the Salvius Farm near Markarth. (Map marker added)
I show you the place in the pic.

2. Town includes the followings.
Splash Town
\\ Cafe bar (Alchemy sign)
--> containing 4 Doors (will be connected to a Port for harvesting/mining/raid plain)

\\ Wine bar (Winking skeever sign)
--> containing 4 Doors (will be connected to a Port for harvesting/mining/raid plain)

\\ Mead bar
--> containing 4 Doors (will be connected to a Port for harvesting/mining/raid plain)

\\ Black smith
--> Door (will be connected to a Port for harvesting/mining)

\\ Player Rest House (Added on the update of ver.1.0.1)
--> 2 butlers/bed/Alchemy table/Enchant table/Non-respawn chests

3. Town people ready to follow
3.1 Stats of Town NPCs
I set town people (such as Companions/ DB initiates/ Thieves members/ Colledge mages/ etc.. ) to be ready to fight by giving them many useful combat perks/skills/spells.
So when they level according to your char level, they will be able to cast strong spells/ to manuver skills.
I will list up all the stats of them later, but if you open my mod by the Creation Kit, you can see the stats by searching with a keyword "MHMK001" in the Actor tree.

3.2 How to have town NPCs follow you
If you want my town people follow you as a Follower, use my optional BAT FILE.
I suppose you know how to use a BAT FILE, though,,,,
Or make a BAT file by yourself by including the following sentences;

setrelationshiprank player 4
addfac 19809 1
addfac 5c84d 1
addfac 5a1a4 1

4. About Gray-faced NPCs
I put FaceGen file in Optional, so please put the folder in your;

5. About replica Mead barrel Airship
It just stay doesnt fly around...

6. Known problems
- If you have many followers (such as 10 @[email protected]), the loading to the bars may stop.
i assume this is because the place is CPU-heavy.

- If you have several Daedric follow you, the game may lead to the CTD.
i assume their magic such as Thunder staggers on the ground and this cause the CPU-heavy.

- When you use my BAT file to a follower in the mist-heavy place like in the bar,
first "disable" the fog/mist, then use the "bat friend".

7. My other mod
- Marians Lake Port Riften

- Marians usual tools

8. Lastly
Initially this mod was for my own use, so i made this with my taste.
But as long as i upload the mod, i always listen to your advice/opinion. ^ ^

Anyway sorry for the inconveniences in DLing or other things...
I still havent understood much about uploading a MOD... T_T

<<<< Updates Planning >>>

- Add several rooms for Storm cloak sols/Imp sols in the bar.
- Add short mining/gathering dungeon
- Add replica small Airship
- Add Player's Rest House in the town

- And some suggestions from you ~~~~ o/ o/
(Though i am humble modder, so Quests kinda are out of range T_T)
(And Quests scripts always bugging lol)