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Added: 10/06/2012 - 01:45AM
Updated: 21/05/2015 - 05:44PM

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Last updated at 17:44, 21 May 2015 Uploaded at 1:45, 10 Jun 2012

UPDATE! Version 1.1 out now for all hairstyles ! - Endorse if you like :)

This mod simply replaces Jenassa with a young, cute, red-haired Redguard companion who is aswell:

? Essential
? Marriable
? Combat Assassin
? Sneak, Dual flurry and some other perks
? Auto-Level is enabled up to level 100.
? Ignores crimes now more like a hired mercenary would
and more... + Now she's a good looking Redguard!

She is still found in Whiterun but now starts out with Elven daggers aswell as some studded armour.

Also added non-replacer mods for your enjoyment which are all standalone, with:

- Same looks and everything, just as stand alone mods.
- All versions are found in Dead Man's drink (the inn) in Falkreath.
- Tip: do "help jenna 4" in console for their ID number then input "player.placeatme 'number' " into the console.
- Removed Hireling cost, now follows you with her free will

- Install manually or via NMM and activate the .esp located in skyrim/data folder
- Overwrite if asked to
- Load after UFO to avoid mishaps

- Skyrim 1.5+
- Apachii's awesome hairstyles

She will use what ever body/face mods you have installed but these I used in screenshots:
- Optional Hair Colours aswell from Apachii
- A BodyMod like CBBE, UNP/B, TBBE, ADEC, CHSBHC ...
- BFG - Better FaceGen
- CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible
- Envision Face / Nuska Female Face

Or Pretty Face

OPTIONAL MODS I USED(Not needed but improves visuals);
- Fair Skin Complexion.
- Sporty Sexy Map textures if you like a more buff/tough look. Also contains a oily glossy version for CBBE.
- An ENB, I used Seasons of Skyrim ENB.

v 1.1 Replacer & standalone updated
? Sorted most issues with UFO.
? Nerfed her a bit so she's not that OP at low level (starts at level 3).
? Bit lighter skin colour.
? Added Optional Hair 2 for replacer mod aswell.
? Ignores crimes now like break-in
? Removed hireling cost from standalone mod

v 1.0
Standalone's updated and tweaked.
? Added 'Jen" with Optional hairstyle 2.
? Changed voice to Female-Sultry.
? Minor perk and other fixes.
? Starts now with Studded Armor, an amulet and Elven daggers.
? Also added some gold to her inventory ;)

v 0.2
? Adjusted weight to 65, scale still 1.01
? Slightly darkened the hair colour
? Numbers tweaked, like 90% xp gain of the player.

v 0.1
? Initial release

- Disband her from your group before enabling mod.
- MAKE A SAFE SAVE-GAME always before adding new mods
- Load order 30-60 index.
- Incase of a dark head / discoloured head; try input SetNPCWeight "65" and SetScale "1.01" values into console THEN Save Game and exit, then restart game and load the save.
- If you see no changes: Look if you have bEnableFileSelection=1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini file under [Launcher], it NEEDS to be added/changed for any mods to function.
- If you have issues updating from first version to newest, deactivate them from launcher -> delete the old version and do fresh install of newest version.
- If you're having issues uninstalling and restoring her vanilla look remove the .ESP then


Yumi - new Warrior follower !

Laluna - Mage Follower

Damius the Mercenary

More images of my char's and Laluna on my profile: Click.


Creds to Apachii's Hairstyles
and foretrenty for NPC-Editor