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Last updated at 19:10, 4 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 20:43, 9 Jun 2012

Woodsman's Shack is now available for Skyrim Special Edition, on the nexus as well as for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Update 04/03/13 - Updated to version 1.4
Version 1.4
- Fixed chest rotation
- Moved duplicate end table to be next to chest
- Moved alchemy barrel to be next to door
- Cleaned mod with TES5Edit, removed any dirty and deleted records

There have been reports that mods that alter character size can make it so the player cannot enter this shack and others like it.

Woodsman's Shack is a player home geared towards the Ranger/Hunter character situated in the Fall Forest.

When you start your game, there will be a new icon on your map for you to fast travel to your new home. It's located on the edge of the river running through The Rift that leads to Riften. Woodsman's Shack is situated east of Treva's Watch, and south of Rift Watchtower.

The house is set in the exterior of the game world, so there is no loading screen. Currently it contains the following:

- Storage - All safe to store your items, they do not respawn.
3 Weapon Racks
1 Weapon Plaque (wall mounted)
7 Barrels
2 Chests
1 Apothecary Sack
1 End Table

- Crafting Stations -
Alchemy Tabletop
Tanning Rack
Wood Chopping Block with Woodcutter Axe
Cooking Spit

- Misc gear -
Some Arrows
Hide Armour
Mead/Food etc
Rabbits and Pheasants.
Chairs and benches.

At the water's edge I have also added a campfire/cooking spit, bedroll, and fish rack with hanging fish to harvest.


This is the first custom home mod I've released to the public. I plan on releasing a series of player homes, named Roleplaying Homes. Geared towards particular classes, and not necessarily the common ones. Woodsman's Shack is the first of that series, and is aimed at the Ranger/Hunter. If you have any suggestions for classes feel free to comment.


=Recommended Installation=

Use Nexus Mod Manager

=Manual Installation=

Extract the .esp file to your SkyrimData folder. Using a mod manager ensure WoodsmansShack.esp is ticked. Or from the Skyrim Launcher, in Data Files.


Deactivate using Nexus Mod Manager if you installed it that way.

Or manually delete WoodsmansShack.esp from your SkyrimData folder.

=Compatibility and Conflicts=

Compatible with water/texture enhancing mods. Should be compatible with any mods that alter vanilla equipment as I have used almost all vanilla gear.

Will conflict with any mods that alter the cell the house is built, and the immediate surrounding cells (TestForest).

I always appreciate any feedback and bug reporting. Please feel free to comment.

You may need atleast game patch 1.4.

As is the general practice of mod usage, please remember to backup your save before using this mod.

=Also available at=

Steam Workshop
TES Alliance

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