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BYOG is a control panel featuring a variety of game settings, such as EXP rate, movement speed, regeneration rates, and more. It was originally made for my ACE mod, but I felt that it would be beneficial to everyone, not just ACE users! Enjoy

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** Balance Your Own Game **
BYOG is a control panel featuring a variety of game settings.
It was originally made for my ACE overhaul mod,
but I felt that it would be beneficial to everyone, not just ACE users!

If you like BYOG please have a look at ACE!


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BYOG Index
1. BYOG - Summary
2. Control Panel - Breakdown
3. Miscellaneous Files
4. Installation Notes
5. Compatibility
6. Recommended Mods

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1. BYOG - Summary

In Skyrim Modding, there is a high possibility of unbalancing your game when combining several mods.
But with BYOG:
* Dozens of factors such as specific weapon or armor type's damage or armor can be tweaked and fine tuned.
* Skills, attributes, equipment, leveling speed, and a lot more can all be adjusted through an in-game Control Panel.
* One example would be if two mods you install reduce your movement speed, or tempering ability, with BYOG you can set them as you like.
* Another example would be if you find a mod you love but the numbers it uses don't feel right, with BYOG you can make them feel right!
* Finally you can match different mods together and fine tune your game with BYOG!

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2. Control Panel - Breakdown
(all the blue links point to in-game pictures)

Check the "Powers" menu in game to find the BYOG Control Panel. This is the breakdown of the menu:

[Main Menu]

* [Weapons] *
Bows / One-Handed / Two-Handed
[Fine Tuning]
Light Bows / Long Bows / Daggers / Swords / Waraxes / Maces / Greatswords / Battle Axes / Warhammers

* [Armor] *
Heavy Armor / Light Armor
Vital Torso: -50% non-torso & +100% torso, on or off
Armor Price Penalty: 15% price penalty while wearing armor

* [Magic] *
Alteration / Conjuration / Destruction / Illusion / Restoration
Magic Range / Magic Cost / Magic Duration

* [Skills] *
Sneaking / Alchemy / Enchanting / Smithing / EXP Rate

* [Attributes] *
Health / Stamina / Magicka / Health Rate / Stamina Rate / Magicka Rate

* [General] *
Movement Speed / Carry Weight / Prices

* [Options] *
View All Settings: only displays those with non-default values
Reset All Settings
Lock Settings
Uninstall BYOG: check the Active Effects menu for instructions after using this

* [Locked] *
(this is the only menu you can see after locking settings)
View All Settings: only displays those with non-default values
Uninstall BYOG: check the Active Effects menu for instructions after using this

- When you finish setting everything the way you like, go to Options and lock the settings,
that way you wont be tempted to alter them in a difficult fight or whatever,
it makes them feel more like permanent game settings.
if you add another mod later and need to rebalance with BYOG again then
uninstall the BYOG through the Control Panel and after you get everything
sorted out on the other new mod, reinstall BYOG and tweak.
- BYOG is perfectly compatible with any mod, no modifications to any items
- EXP Speed alters how much the bar moves on the skills each time you perform some skill-action,
as a result, it will take more skill-actions to level a skill to the next level.
it does not alter how many skill level-ups are required to gain the next player level.
- "Light Bows" has no effect if ACE Archery is not installed, and "Long Bows" affects all bows if it is not installed)
- Only the settings that are set to non-default are active, so if you install byog and don't set anything, it will not alter the game in any way at all.

- - -

3. Miscellaneous Files

These are zip files which contain several mini-mods, they are all compatible together,
but within 1 zip file, only choose 1 of the .esp files at a time!

Enemy Attack Range: alter the range from which enemies will attempt a ranged attack
Enemy Levels: alter the level of enemies you encounter
Jump Height: alter how high you can jump
Max Damage Resist: when you reach armor cap, what % of damage will be resisted (default is 80%)
NPC Archer Miss-Rate: alter npc archer accuracy, affects followers too
Starting Skill Levels: set the starting skill levels when you make a new character (default 15)

I can't add these settings to the BYOG without using Script Dragon, which is still a possibility depending on interest.
In the meantime they will be available separately.

4. Installation Notes

Use the NMM, or manually unzip the contents to the /Data folder.
If you see the BYOG Control Panel in your "Powers" menu then it installed successfully!
When upgrading or removing use the uninstall option just to prevent dirty saves.

BYOG does not require SKSE or Script dragon or anything else.
BYOG benefits greatly from having ASIS installed.
( If ASIS is installed, _PC should be added to the [PerkExclusionsContains] section of the ASIS AutomaticPerks.ini )

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5. Compatibility

There is no reason BYOG should be incompatible with any other mod!
Even if another mod alters the same settings, such as EXP rate, the values will just stack.

- - -

6. Recommended Mods

ACE - Comprehensive Enhancements - Enhances and balances the perk trees and combat.
ASIS - Allows all NPCs to get the effects from BYOG (and other mods' perks!)
Skyrim -Community- Uncapper - For the more advanced users, great mod with a lot of control (Requires SKSE).