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===Revision Notes 6/26/12===
Version 1b - Potema will now instantly raise her army upon summoning her or entering a new zone.

Version 2b - Same as version 1b with the exception that this version does not have the 24 ingame hour recast timer.

===Revision Notes 6/22/12===
Version 1a - Potema will now cast her minions more frequently, and made a slight change in her summoning spell. She now summons her 3 generals along with a battalion of undead soldiers. Also renamed the original "Pawn" minion into Potema's Knights. Adds a new "Pawn" minion NPC character, a dwarf merryman equipped with an iron dagger. Still working on a version that will let her summon her soldiers at the beginning of a fight. Also removes her Staff of Lightning Bolt, but retains her shock spell. The shock spell is slightly weaker, but still has a telekenetic/stagger property. Potema's reanimate spell is also a bit less buggy, it still has a "moonwalk effect" sporatically, but it occurs less.

Version 2a - Same as version 1a, except this version does not have the ingame 24 hour recast timer.

Version 1 - Potema can be summoned every 24 ingame hours.

Version 2 - Potema can be summoned at any time.

Queen Potema is a very powerful necromancer, and this mod is intentionally made overpowered for vanilla Skyrim. The original version of Potema that I originally made was practically invincible, but this version I am releasing is a lot weaker to make her somewhat balanced.

To find Potema's Tome, go to Solitude and witness the scene at the Jarl's throne room and talk to Falk Firebeard to start the questline that will lead to the area to find this tome. Read spoilers section at your own risk for exact location.

Tome can be found in Potema's catacomb, next to her skeleton in her throneroom

Potema is equipped with the following:

1. Staggering Shock Beam - A mid level shock spell that can knock down, throw, or lift opponents to create room to seperate Potema and her foes.
2. Staff of Lightning Bolt - Based on the vanilla staff.
3: Raise Undead Generals - Potema raises her undead generals; Potema's closest consort Lord Vhokken, Potema's son Uriel Septim III, and Potema's rival and captured niece Empress Kintyra II.
4: Grand Necromancy - A raise undead spell that raises any dead man, mer, or creature at a maximum range.
5: Increased stats in magicka.
6: Custom combat style that utilizes her shock spell to stall opponents, and when given an opportunity will summon her generals or raise anything dead near her to fight as her army.
7: Potema's generals also have their own specialized abilities: Lord Vhokken; a)Poison Voice b)Disarming Shout c)Undeath Adder Axe that drains health. Uriel Septim III; a) Command Undead Army - Summons a company of undead soldiers b) Unrelenting Force Shout c) Doom Bow - A damned bow that fires ectoplasmic arrows that explode on impact. Kintyra II; a) Greater Vampire Drain - Absorbs large amount of health b) Frost Javelin Storm - Fires many frost javelins at a high rate c) Grand Necromancy - Similar to Potema's raise spell.
8: Potema has the perk of Master Necromancy - Allows potema to command and raise a total of 25 followers.

Notes: As mentioned earlier, Potema is made to be very powerful and can easily overwhelm most vanilla areas. This version is actually weaker than the original unreleased version, and Potema can still disappear if enemies get the jump on her and she is unable to summon her generals. Potema's strength shines most when she summons her generals and raise additional undead to join her army. Her Uriel thrall commands her main army and when he summons them, Potema is a force to be reckoned with.

Please let me know if there are any issues with this mod. I don't believe it should have any issues with any existing mods. Please endorse if you like the mod, and if not, please feel free to comment. I have many more summons I am creating, and hopefully I'll release them soon! Thank you and enjoy!