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Ultimate Witcher Experience - Followers
REQUIRED MOD: Alphawolf's Ultimate Witcher Experience: (


this mod is pretty old,beware that you need version 1.7 of witcher experiance.
the autor left us a backup:

This is an Add-on for AlphaWolf's Ultimate Witcher Experience Mod.

I have add Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Iorveth, and Letho as Followers. I made each with their own ESP just in case your using one as your main guy or gal. I tried to make their voices as close to the witcher version as I could, but I have to use curtain voice for the follower to work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do have to install APLHAWOLF's Ultimate Witcher Experience for these followers to show up in game. Any request for new followers should be given to him as I can only create what he has in his ESM file. Thank You.

Update 1.2: Added a fixed version of Iorveth's esp made by: zzjay
It should fix the miscolored skin issue, Thanks to zzjay for the effort and fix!

- Letho can be found at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood

- Triss can be found at the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold

- Iorveth can be found at the Drunken Huntman in Whiterun

- Geralt of Rivia can be found in the Castle Dour Dungeons in Solitude. (I place the key to his cell outside of it look on the ground)

Recommended Mods:

Triss Merigold Armor: ( by Psyke23

Letho Armor: (

Iorveth's BOW: (


zzjay- for Iorveth skin texture fix

All credit and Thanks go to AlphaWolf for his hard work. Without his efforts I wouldn't be able to bring you these followers.