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Last updated at 17:03, 2 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 23:37, 8 Jun 2012

As I don't play skyrim that frequently anymore, naturally I also stopped working on my mods. However, insaneplumber has released another update for this mod, which you will find here:

I thank you very much for your comments, endorsements and constructive criticism you gave me. Please continue to support insaneplumber, because he's doing a great job!

UPDATE History
UPDATE V2.2 - Both the normal and the black version are now included in one .esp File. Also the Arrows are now also in the elven crafting category (not in the misc-category anymore)
German translation by Jeardius can be found here:

UPDATE V2.1 - Fixed all texture errors, discarded the Blueprint-based crafting again due to scripting errors - Everything is now based on the normal elven smithing perk

UPDATE V2.0 - New bow-model for the double-arm bow, arrow textures redone, removed dumping loaction in Breezehome, Bow is now craft- and upgradeable

UPDATE V1.2 - Fixed the wrong naming of the projetile arrows

UPDATE V1.1 - The Bow is now fully upgradeable and can be obtained in your house in Breezehome in a sack near the fireplace (see picture)

Credits go to CD Project since I used their original textures for the bow and to Bethesda since the quiver is just a quick reskin of the Iron-Arrow-Quiver with the texture of Iorveth's quiver also taken from CD Project's Witcher 2

A special thanks goes to Artisanix for his brilliant tutorial "bows from 3DS MAX to Skyrim" that he uploaded here on nexus. I would have never been able to create the bow without it...

Watch the Bow (V1.2) at Bits'n'Bobs at 1:19 min

or on this ModFeature made by insane0hflex

or on Saiodin's Skyrim Mods Series #54 (at 8:00 min)