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Added: 08/06/2012 - 09:27AM
Updated: 03/03/2013 - 03:27PM

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Last updated at 15:27, 3 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 9:27, 8 Jun 2012

If you like my mod, please Don't forget Endorse Me

This Mod Has Change Your Housecarl Make it Look Better & The Change Combat Style Fighting based On The My Idea

Future Update Possible
- Release My Npc To Another Body

*If you want someting plz Comment

Change Log
- Release AeliaV4Style2
- Now Updaie All Npc Skin With Fair Skin Complexion For CBBE Ver5.2 By HHaleyy
- Release CynthiaV4Style2
- Little Adjust Face Lydia Aelia Cynthia Style1
- Update FSC Lines On Skin Fix By HHaleyy
- Release AeliaV4Style1
- Adjust Perk & Magic
- Now Updaie Use Fair Skin Complexion For CBBE Latest Version by HHaleyy
- Now NPC 4.0 Use Caliente Female Body Mod BBE v3-2 by Caliente
- Setting Start Item To Plain clothes & Weapon Type character use (Npc Can Nude)

****Please Read****
Should use any form should not be used to switch back and forth to avoid the problem is not Complete a skill Line

- List My Npc Housecarl

- LydiaV4.0Style1 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Combat Warrior 2HandWeapon - Heavy Armor Type Specialist Skill Twohand Greatsword Have Magic Heal & Oakflesh Spell
- LydiaV4.0Style2 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Barbarian - Light Armor Type Specialist Skill Twohand Axe Have Magic Heal & Oakflesh Spell

- AeliaV4.0Style1 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Combat Warrior 1HandWeapon - Heavy Armor Type Specialist Skill Sword Or Axe With Shield Have Magic Heal & Oakflesh Spell

AeliaV4.0Style2 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Destruction Mage - Robe Armor Type Main Attack Use Spell Tome Fire Line has some Alteration Conjuration Retroration Support skill & tome

- CynthiaV4.0Style1 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Asssasin - Light Armor Type Dual Weapon Combat Can Use Weapon Sword & Axe Type Have Magic Heal & Iron Flesh

- CynthiaV4.0Style2 Body CBBE - Lv Max At 80 Class Ranger - Light Armor Type Bow Specialist Have Magic Heal

How To Install

Just put the data folder in to data skyrim folder & activate the .esp mod need you can use Install with NMM Make sure you Install My mod after Install all Your Mod Have changed Another Npc For Protect My Npc Display black face

- If you use Decent Women - improve female npcs face Mod you Install this mod first but you use NMM to install NMM Question you overwrite data say "yes to folder" to good choice i think

Special Thank

HHaleyy For Fair Skin Complexion Sweaty Body-ADEC-CBBE-UNP-UNPB-UNPC And Makeup Tweaks & Eyebrows from Films Mod


Thank You To

WareWolf For Basic Use CK
Numenume hair Original File By numenume
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
Support Modify AI DiwHikaru & Slowair6
Pretty Face by TKTK
Envision & Univision Face by DD ART
BFG Better FaceGen & Fallout & TESIV Har by Radioragae
Nani0427 - Hair pack of Evy Race
Ren - Creator of the original Mod.
apachii - Boneweight data from apachii hair
VanillaBeans - VB hair
Cazy Hair Pack by Cazy - Uploaded by ziitch
Coolsim hair Credits - Uploaded by Lucha
RANs Good Option Face by RAN46
ApachiSkyhairHair By Apachi
Picture Image Model By Newash
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
Geonox Male Face -Blackbugfix by InvadeKamchatka
Tutorial - Creating Standalone NPCs by Natilde
The Eyes Of Beauty By by Gabriel Mailhot & LogRaam
Bethesda for creating Skyrim