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ishmaeltheforsaken and Oscar Wilde

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This mod lets you buy perk points with dragon souls.

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There have been mods that let you get perks with dragon souls, but they have either been limited in functionality (forcing you to choose a specifc perk instead of giving you a perk point that you can spend on anything) or required Script Dragon (a utility which people need to let go of). I decided it was time to make a mod without either drawback.

At the Guardian Stones, you will find a new stone, the Dragonstone. Using it will allow you exchange a number of dragon souls (user-configurable, default 10) for a perk point. If you'd like to change the price, simply open the console and type "set ishperkcost to X" sans quotes. Replace X with the number of souls you'd like the price to be.

If you are running SkyUI 3.0+, you will find a section of your Mod Config Menu for Ish's Souls to Perks that will allow you to change the cost of a perk point without requiring you to use the console.