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So, I have been gone for quite a bit of time. And in that time I have acquired a better vocabulary as well as better punctuation and grammar skills. The next update WILL have beast races. I will also add an optional version so you can summon your pet more than once a day due to a request.

The goal of this mod is to make hunting a better experience in Skyrim. For me it's a stale and repetitious act only used to kill time. As you progress through the game, it becomes easier and easier to kill animals. My goal is to add new,stronger, versions of the already existing animals as well as new and stronger weapons to help you take on these animals. I will also add "rare" animals you can find and kill in the wild for great loot to make new weapons.
Right now, I only have the human races, but you can expect the other's VERY soon.

Hunter race:
Archery 10
Light Armor 8
Sneak 8
One Handed 5
Smithing 4

Powers and ability's:
Summon Familiar: Summons a familiar until killed
Plus 20 damage to animals

All races keep their attributes (example" Nord's resistance to frost) but do not keep their powers (example: Battle Cry)

The mods in the picture(s) are
The armor:is Nordic Hunter Light Armor by frankdema
The hood is:Winter is Coming: Cloaks by Nivea
the arrows are: Reapers Dread Knight Arrows by Reaper9111