Reachwind Eyrie Player Home by Ben Talbot
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Added: 08/06/2012 - 01:22AM
Updated: 13/07/2012 - 04:38PM

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Last updated at 16:38, 13 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 1:22, 8 Jun 2012

When I found Reachwind Eyrie, I instantly wanted to make it my home, and was disappointed when I found I couldn't, properly, with all my crap that I'd collected. So quite simple, I modded it to have what I wanted.

Reachwind Eyrie is a dwemer tower located in the south-west of Skyrim: southeast of Markarth and north of Dushnikh Yal. This mod turns it into a fairly basic player home, with new storage containers, decoration, etc. There are no major changes to the game, i.e. no sprawling underground areas etc, as I wanted it to be world friendly.

Tower exterior:
- Lavender, thistle, dragonstongue, gourds and deathbell plants have been added
- grindstone and tanning rack under tree
- general detail added

Main tower:
- 4 new non-respawning containers
- 2 weapon plaques
- 4 weapon racks
- a player-owned bedroll for sleeping
- a Shrine to Kynareth on the balcony
- cooking pot
- new shelves, banners and other detail

- 7 non respawning chests
- three weapon plaques
- three weapon racks
- 2 mannequins

The vault is locked at first, the key is on the balcony.

- me (Ben Talbot) /ai74 / Lyrian
- I've just noticed another mod that does the same thing, albeit it better and on a larger scale, which uses a lot of the same models etc - I had no idea it existed and copied nothing intentionally.