Bettencourt Manor-Dawnguard by MrKoekie
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Entrance hall
Master bedroom
Children room
Secret workshop
Secret dark brotherhood planning room
Alchemy cave+ exit.

Manor includes: Alchemy and enchanting table. Cooking pit, Smelter, Forge, Grindstome,Workbench and Tanning rack.
Six dagger displays.
One weapon display.
Six Weapon Plaques.
8 slot Standing weapon rack.
6 Mannequins.
6 Storage chests.

To enter the secret workshop: There is both a bookcase in the bedroom and armory leading to it. The secret Brotherhood planning room is behind a crumbled wall next to the workbench.

The home is navmeshed thus companion friendly.
This is my first mod and does not contain any cool scripting etc. I used the base things the engine has to offer.
This home looks best with the Sexy solitude mod. All credits goes to the author and NOT to me.

Please endorse me if you like the home. This encourge any modder to maintain updates and create new content.

I am sorry for the ugly looking pictures. However, I for one find it really hard to post pictures which must be beneath... 2 mbs was it ?... extremely hard.. :P

Versions 1.0: Beta and interior cells only.
2.0: Home completed and ready for use!
2.1-2.9; Bug fixes etc.
3.0: Alchemy cave added.
3.5: Adds 6 mannequins and lightning bug fixed.
3.6 Minor bug changes.

Please comment if you have any suggestions or requests. I always take requests in consideration if it benefits everyone without breaking the lore/etc etc.

I hope everyone who uses this house will enjoy! And for those who wish to test my other house mods which are currently under construction, send me a message.


Me :)