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If you\'ve ever watched something die, then turn into a pile of puke. Have no fear! It\'s supposed to be ash! This retex remedies that malady.

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With version 2.0, this completely overhauls the look of the ash pile.

Any necromancers or summoners should be pleased to find that their dead companions will no longer empty their bowels on the floor and disappear but, rather, turn into a pile of ash. I edited all three files for the "ash pile," fixing its normal map, its diffuse, and the transparency for its glow.

Enjoy! (unless you like puke)

Note: Due to other engagements (and other games) I do not plan on updating this or any of my other mods, indefinitely. At a later date, my interest in Skyrim may come back but until then, please do not leave impatient comments about updates or fixes.