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Version 1.5
Version 1.5 adds a separate room in the library where you can test out new spells and defeat a werewolf. Also adds a playable Dragon power. Buy it from Victoria, you become Alduin.
I am open to any suggestions for ideas having to do with this mod, you will receive credit for good ideas. If anyone could take some pictures and submit them for this mod, thank you.
Before you use the Dragon polymorph spell in this mod, you need to unlock 'beast form' by drinking the blood of a werewolf in the companion's guild quest. If you cast a polymorph spell BEFORE completing this quest, you will not be able to transform back and will be stuck as a dragon unless you reload the file.

New spells are added to your game of Skyrim with Spell Enhancements. 10 New spells as of version 1.1 are included.

Notable Spells: Summon Dragon, multiple extensions of current spells, and many more to come.

New versions will be uploaded every couple of days over the summer.

You can find the spells at the College of Winterhold Arcanaeum (Library), Talk to Victoria.

Please look in discussions tab for help and/or suggestions.