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Added: 07/06/2012 - 12:15AM
Updated: 15/07/2012 - 10:38AM

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Name: Chantelle Le Direnni
Version: 3.0
Date: 2012/07/02

------------------- [This is what? ] -----------------------

Hello everybody - this is my first mod for Skyrim.
Adds the Breton girl named Chantelle Le Direnni. She`s Auto-Level Combat Mage Conjurer and Necromancer so her innocent appearance is deceptive)))
She is well-skilled in Conjuration, Destrucrion, also knows Healing and Healing Hands.
She is essential and also can be married.
Meet her in Ivarsteadt in "Vilemyr"Inn

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the \ Skyrim DATA folder
NMM is recommended.
Put the checkmark at the ChantelleV2.esp in your launcher or NMM

Just delete the esp.file to uninstall the mod

Change Log

02.07/2012 Version3.0 added (appearance changes, name location minor bug fixed.) Suppused to be final.

Minimal facial changes (eyescolor from hazel to grey, skin ton is slightly lighter)

10.07/2012 - Version 2.2
Dark face bug fixed new meshes added
Change from Auto Level to Calculated to Lvl 70

UPDATED on June 7,2012
blonde version added

IMPORTANT: You should "farewell" Chantelle before uninstalling mod else you won`t be able to hire another companion to follow you (common custom companions mod bug) Be sure that your last save is made after you said her goodbye)))

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------

Other mods you need for proper appearance

Better Females by Bella
The Eyes Of Beauty
RANs Eyebrow Replacer
RANs Eyeliner Replacer
UNP Female Body
VAnilla Skin Texture v1-8

All cheers and credits go to the modders whose mods I`ve used

Pics outfit is the DreamBurrows Sage Outfit - the best for my mage I guess)))
Look here
DreamBurrows I am your fan you works are fantastic, thank you!

If I forgot somebody please don`t be angry))

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
Feel free to modify, just give me credit.
Thanks to Bethesda for great game