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You are a Witch hunter who is from Cyrodil and came to Province of Skyrim to look his/her fortune, but after you crossed borders and trying to find your way nearest town. You follow signs to Falkreath and just when you see little walls and smoke coming out at chimneys of nice cottages, you start feeling that someone watches you. You lay your hands to your weapon to prepare a ambush and peeking over your shoulder and you see shadowly person behind a rock, then you start walking at the rock and you start to see more and more shadows in the woods and you prepare to fight. Shadows start to come at you and shadows suddenly disappear and you notice that they are only people of skyrim. You start to think why they are hiding in shadows, then one female Nord smiles and comes towards you. Because you are hunted witches and other creatures and saw many posters about Dark Brotherhood, you recognize that she is leader of Dark Brotherhood, but then someone hits you on back on your head and world blurs, before you pass out you hear that Nord says: Why did you blunt him? I idiot.
Argonian answers: Ii-im ss-so sorry Astrid!
Nord: Shut up! Luckily for you he's passed out. Otherwise he knows my name! Now bite him fast and take him with us!
Argonian : S-s-sure
And then you pass out.

At morning when you wake up you are on little island with hunter who tells you that he found you near Falkreath and was taken you here, and she asks me that where i did get those two little holes in my neck, but i didnt know.
Then you remember nord named Astrid and the order to bite, but you only ask hunter does he know anything of Astrid and she tells you that he is leader of Dark Brotherhood and theyr base is near Falkreatg, but you cant get in because you dont know the password, but you dont mention anything about that bite.

Main objective is find Astrid and kill her but otherwise, freeplay!

You are not the Dragonborn by frodone

^You can choose do you install that! Save not reguire any mods!

NoDragonborn= drag&drop to Skyrim folder//& includes readme for more info
Savefile= drag&drop to User//Files//My Games//Skyrim//Saves