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Added: 06/06/2012 - 04:14PM
Updated: 08/06/2012 - 05:26PM

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Last updated at 17:26, 8 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 16:14, 6 Jun 2012

JaySus' Swords at The Blacksmiths' Guild

*****Eliminates crafting menu clutter by placing the weapons into their own exclusive forge*****

*****This mod is a crafting .esp only and contains no weapons meshes/textures!!!!*****

How does it work?

1) Download/Install/NMM Blacksmiths' Guild core mod

2) Download/Install/NMM JaySuS Swords
Note: only V.13.c is supported by the Blacksmiths's Guild. V.13.d is not supported!

3) De-acitvate/Uncheck JSwords.esm
this step will:
- leave JaySuS' assets in the background for my esp to work from
- eliminate JaySuS' crafting and categorization

4) Download/Install/NMM the JSwords.esp file from this page here . . . the one you're on now . . .

5) Confirm my JSwords.esp is Activated/Checked
this step will:
- allow my .esp to access JaySuS' meshes/textures
- add JaySuS' Swords to JaySuS' Forge at the Blacksmiths' Guild
- distribute JaySuS' Swords across the crafting categories
--- Iron x 4/Steel x 12/Orcish x 4/Dwarven x 6/Elven x 6/Glass x 6/Ebony x 5/Dragon x 7/Daedric x 1
- add a light sprinkling of JaySuS' Swords to the Bandit and Necromancer levelled lists
--- this allows early, mid and late game access to these great weapons


- JaySuS' Master Forge replaces the 'Unclaimed Forge' in the Blacksmiths' Guild Cavern


Change Log:
V.1.01 - Replaced main file (my 'test file'!?!) with 'real file'; Master Forge is now in correct location, Vorlund the Master Smith is now on site and 'unclaimed forge' has been removed. So many files, so little brain . . . (Jun 08, 2012)
V.1.00 - Original Upload (Jun 06, 2012)



JaySuS is the owner of the intellectual property/assets presented here - I only adjusted the 'craftability' and distribution.

I have tried to contact JaySuS through multiple channels and have had no response. As such, I have put this mod up on Nexus based on the following statement on JaySuS' Nexus page 1002:

"you may create plugins and mods based on this mod as long as your mod stays dependant on mine, your mod may not contain any assets contained in my mod under any circumstances"

As you must download from JaySuS' Nexus page 1002 and my esp contains no mesh/texture assets from JaySuS I feel that I am within the intent of JaySuS' statement.

I will happily remove this mod if JaySuS or Nexus Management feel that its presence is inappropriate.



JaySuS - it's totally JaySuS' stuff, man!