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More Craftables:

This mod was created when I was playing a pure vanilla Skyrim and realized how annoying can be the unobtainability of some items by crafting and also by a comment of PlasmaJedi on one of my mods.

The first idea was to make Imperial Sword, Bow, Studded and Light Armor craftable. Then I added Wolf Armour and Dragon Priest Dagger craftable after the Companions' questline. If there are any more uncraftable items, PM me or write it in the comments.

Version 1.1 Changelog
-Fur Armor included (do you know that a fur helmet exists?)
-Dragon Priest dagger recipe edited: Removed Leather Strips, the recipe is 2 Gold Ingots and 1 Iron

Currently craftable:
Imperial Sword and Bow
Imperial Light Armour and Studded Imperial Armor
Stormcloak Cuirass
Wolf Armour (after completing the Companions' questline)
Dragon Priest Dagger (After completing the Companions' questline)
Hunting Bow
Imperial Shields (both Light and Heavy)
Fur Armor set

Planned features:
Wolf Armor Set craftable after joining the Companions
Harbinger's Armour (Better Wolf Armour)
ImperialSmithing and StormcloakSmithing perks, that allow you to craft Imperial and Stormcloak items only after joining them (optional file)
Even More Craftables
Tanning Leather, Hide and Fur Armor
Making an esm file
Bronze Ingot
Dragon Priest Staff (gold and black version)