Unenchanted Nightingale Set Mod by Mydget
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Added: 06/06/2012 - 11:48AM
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Unenchanted Nightingale Set Mod
by Mydget
This mod creates a slightly better, unenchanted Nightingale set. Also adds arrows. Even if you're not a Nightingale, you may still craft a set, albeit slightly less powerful (still better than the vanilla set.). It doesn't replace the original set. If you would rather just have unenchanted versions of the set with normal armour and damage values, use the 'UnenchantedNightingaleSetMod - NU.esp' (Normal Unenchanted) (Will be referred to as 'NU') in the 'Options' directory included in the download. Use EITHER the 'Normal Unenchanted' version OR the 'UnenchantedNightingaleSetMod.esp'. DO NOT activate both!

Because it's a set of awesome looking armor that should have been slightly better, and of course, to be able to enchant it yourself is pretty cool. Also adds Nightingale arrows, which are renamed and stronger Ebony arrows.

It's in a long, metal chest: 'Nightingale Chest', located in the Nightingale hall, next to the mini waterfall. See images. If you're not a Nightingale, then you may craft a set.

Find it under 'Glass' smithing. The created set is more powerful than the default Nightingale set, yet slightly worse than the set you find in the Nightingale hall. If you have the 'NU' ESP, both the set created from smithing and the "found" set have the same values as the vanilla Nightingale Set, albeit unenchanted.

On Tempering
The Nightingale set can be tempered using various numbers of Malachite ingots, leather strips and leather. One will notice that the needed materials exceed the original set and most other tempering recipes. However, the Nightingale set added in by this mod are slightly more powerful than the original and the Daedric set. (Only slightly, so as not to be game-breaking.) For NU, same as above.

Mod Conflicts and Incompatibility
This mod should not conflict with any other mod on the Nightingale armors and weapons as it creates new objects. Your normal Nightingale armor will still be there. On the other hand, any mod changing the Nightingale hall WILL conflict with this mod. If so, give me a heads up and I'll make a compatibility patch.

Upgrading To A New Version
Replace .esp file with the NU or normal version. Upgrading from before 1.1 may result in loss of Nightingale items related to the mod.

The chest respawns, allowing you to experiment with enchantments and so on. All the items aren't sellable, so no easy money included. =P
The craftable version, however, is merchantable.

Thanks to Bethesda for making an awesome game and all related stuff. Credit for the armor models and all go to them of course.
And thank you for your support.

- Includes 'NU' ESP version. See above.
- Minor optimisations and changes.

- Nightingale arrows now craftable.
- Checked compatibility with patch 1.6.
(Note: May have to undergo some more testing. Feel free to report any bugs in the comments.)

- The whole Nightingale set is now craftable.
- Nightingale arrows.

- Added Nightingale Blade.
- All items are now upgradable through tempering.
- Nightingale set classified as 'Glass'.
- Small fixes.

- Unenchanted armor set and bow.