W1 Trappers Final Rest by Wibbe
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This is put on ice until further notice, I´m doing it because I don´t have the time to put in to this thing and I´ve also realized my skills with "CAD" & "3DS Max" is insufficent to make this mod what I want it to be for the time being.

This´s my very first MOD so please don´t trash it, it is however fully functional as far as I can tell.

  • Tiny dungeon (2 rooms and 3 halls)
  • plenty of traps (7 separate traps/ambushes) and more to come.
  • ~15 monsters
  • A little bit of loot, not much but well worth it.

It´s located just outside of Riverwood.

Feel free to post any shoots you take.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated, but flaming will be put out with the water-hoes.
Any ideas is also appreciated. (dungeon expansion, traps setup etc.)
I´ll try to answer any questions ASAP.

Anyone trying this out should react fast, have resistance to fire, other types of damage and be prepared to re-load.
A couple of HP-potions might help too.


  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Activate

  • Extract W1.esp to your "skyrim\data" folder.

Known bugs:
  • None known.

Change log:

Version 0.1A
  • First release
  • Small dungeon
  • 7 working traps

Version 0.12A
  • Fixed clipping.
  • Added traps.

Version 0.5B
  • More monsters
  • 1 more room

To get the most out of this MOD try this:
Subliminal Traps by Mr Dave
It´ll make it a lot more interesting to go through this dungeon.