Riverwood river cottage UPDATE by Ivo
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Last updated at 3:05, 15 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 14:12, 5 Jun 2012

Notice: This video is from the previous version. Most things are fixed now.

My first ever mod, I've taken inspiration from many other house mods, so don't be offended if any part is similar to other mod. Most importantly I created this mod for me, for my needs and liking and for my personal use. But after a while, when my modding skills got better and better I started to improve it. So now I decided to share it, I'll be happy if you like it as well. Enjoy!

What's new?
-Fixed weapon racks, now they should work properly
-The dog is a companion (named Hector :) )
-Many light adjustments
-Fixed the gaps
-More clutter, better organized to suit the atmosphere
-Landscape adjustments (outside)
-Insects in the garden and the dock (if they don't appear at first you have to wait the script to kick in)
-Many small adjustments (stair, chests, tables, clutter, effects (mist, fog)...)

In the download section there is a Scripts archive. Download it if the light switches and the dog follower don't work. Then extract it in (SkyrimFolder)\Data\Scripts and they should work!

New light version added. For slow computers, less flora, trees, details and effects. Not recommended as it's not as detailed and atmospheric as the original!

As the demand grows, I made a optional version with no daedra statues in the interior. I replaced them with clutter, which suits the atmosphere. SEE SCREENSHOTS
I recommend to take your stuff before updating!

What does it have?
-Small two story house (basement and ground floor)
-Optimized entry (many trapdoors for fast and comfortable moving)
-Custom navmesh (I created it by hand, the followers move freely without bugs)
-Many player chests
-BIG and dense garden (read the warning)
-Enchanter, alchemy lab, shrine
-Weapon racks, two mannequins, book shelves
-Cooking pot, inside and outside
-Forge, smelter, girding stone, weapons rack, tainting rack, "wood cutting place" :)
-Custom light, controlled by switches and some light effects (indoor and outdoor)
-A small dock with a boat and fishing rod
-Arbour and summer house
-Archery range and dummys
-Dog in the garden (follower named Hector) and some chickens :)
-Small waterfall with a stream

-Light version for better performance on slow computers.
And many others...

WARRNING!!! I added many flowers, trees, flora and details so the mod is heavy, I don't recommend using it on slow computers. There is a light version with less details.

When in Riverwood just travel west across the bridge.

-Damn mannequins (They work, but sometimes they move. I can't do anything)
-Some book shelves don't order the books properly. I spent long time trying to fix this, but with no success...

Future plans:
That's about it, I don't plan any major updates
But maybe in long-term:
-Tavern tunes controlled by button. (Don't know how to do it)
-Improve outdoor light (I want to add more shadow casting lights, now there is a bug)
-ENB version (light adjustment for darker interior)
I'm open to new suggestions

Sorry for not making a video, but my machine is slow and I can't record a smooth video.

Personal note: I'm using it with UFO Followers mod
and Playable intruments
and I love it when I play a song in the garden in front 5-6 followers at night. Its really atmospheric :)

Please give feedback and recommendations! I want to improve this mod!