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Adds several Harry Potter Spells.

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Version 0.1.0:
I realize that there are several bugs, and that not all the spells are extremely reliable, however, bear with me until the beginning of the week when I will have more time to work on it.

Each spell has a Magicka cost of 10 for now, and can only be equipped in the left hand. This is due to a system that I am looking to implement in the future.

You can get the spells by typing "help SPELL_NAME 4" into the cheat console ` and then finding the code for SPELL_NAME and typing "player.addspell <itemcode>"
NOTE: If the spell has 2 or more words, then use only one of them.

For example, after opening the console, I want to add Avada Kedavra to my spell list. I would type in:
help avada 4
it would return a number along the lines of yy00XXXX. Where yy is the load order. You would then type in:
player.addspell yy00XXXX
It should tell you a message on the top left of your screen that the spell was added.

Spell Name List:
Avada Kedavra

A not so Future Future note:
I am adding more spells from Harry Potter in the now. Leave comments if you have any suggestions. I can only remember so many of them off the top of my head.


Which Professor is your favorite from Harry Potter? Please post in the comments.