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Skyrim Castle by Mighty Joe Young aka MJY
a very big castle on its own island, a bit luxury, 3 section free for them, all connected to each other,
a teleporting spell u find in the Tintagel main castle, all textured been redone for inside the castle

" IMPORTANT " it retextures all blue castles textures, so if u don`t want the blue castle retextured don`t add the solitude folder ex :[data/textures/archetec/solitude] and it will be the same textures.

all the textures are made to be easily changable with nifskop, there using custom textures, replacement is easy

0] lots of new paintings, all unique, u will never see the same 1 - 2x,

1] tons of new custom furniture,

2] each castle section got its own furniture mix in with vanila ones
added some bookcase, containers,etc all with triggers, [ example, it means it will drop an book in the bookcase all set up],

3] statues in all section of the castle with the body mods u want or add in, there nudes as u got to dress them up[ nude or nude, depends on your body mod if u use,for easier to add your armor,etc
there is tons of storage, lots of redone mannequin,

4] each section got its own crafting basement, everything u need for crafting is in each section of the castle basement, with lots of storage for the crafting also

5] There is a blacksmith and a merchant u can sell your stuff.there is a few towers u can go for a nice view also there is a lot of different bedrooms to chose from.

6] each castle [ 3] section u can prob live with only that one, and is all connected to each other.

7] there is a secret treasure room in the tintagel castle and each got there own secret rooms also.
some are harder to find.
8]there is also a egypt style treasure room i added to the pluging, made it for myself and left it in
9] there is a few portals to get u in and out of the castle island[ own world space] center of the entrance outside ports u to tamriel.
10] teleporting spell to get u to the castle is in the castle main building,
11] boat in riften docks will get u to the island.
your missing something in the castle, that u want me to make or add it in, let me know, ty

1] La Residenz Castle, big

2] New swan castle, bigger

3] Tintagel castle biggest

every castle section got its own mannequin, crafting basement, etc, added 1 maid to the pluging added 25 new custom meshes to the pluging, check it out in the ck, a cell with all the new meshes are there

where is it = own island go to riften port bord a ship or type coc 1mjy1 and go get your teleporting spell
there is a ship anchored at riftenplankside 3 , so at the port in riften, bord the ship , also a teleport spell inside the Tintagel castle entrance[ easy for getting out of dungeon,etc to warp out

there will be updates,

as there are done,insides. do u want updates,? i got a big update, but need to fix up the outside