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From the guy that brought you the ENB Customizer now comes a truly realistic and immersive ENB preset.

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UPDATE - Version 1.1 released

Whats different:
- adjusted night-day detector (the sky will look less dark at sunrise and sunset).
- slightly less intense and red lights at night.

*check out the pics from v.1.1 at the end of the description.

I. About
From the guy that brought you the ENB Customizer now comes a truly realistic and immersive ENB preset.

- No custom lighting needed.
- Darker and warmer nights.
- Darker caves (thanks to Dark Dungeons for ENB by mindflux).
- Darker and enviable shadows.
- Realistic sun and sunglare (thanks to JJA SunGlare by MannyGT and to ReAL Sun - insane0h Realistic Sunglare by sval).
- Overall image adjustments (thanks to IMAGINATOR by MyGoodEye and Gopher).
- Bright and realistic days (not too saturated, not too faded either).
- Ultra realistic pine trees (lighting and colors).
- Perfect lighting from fireplaces and torches (not too faded so you can see at night using a torch and not too bright looking like some car's headlights).
- Running on latest version of enb (v.113).
- Perfect balance between ultra sharp 'painted' image and blurry cinematic image.
- No annoying DOF (for me at least).
- No film grain nor exagerated bloom for a realistic experience.
- Very little fps loss (SSAO, DOF and Detailed shadows are off. You can easily turn them on if you like with the ENB Customizer).
- Awesome sun rays.

*Some features you dont like? (too dark, too bright, too bloomy, no letterbox, too saturated, too sharp, no dof, too faded aurora borealis, too few stars, no film grain, etc, etc, etc). No problem. Use my ENB Customizer and make it to your tastes.

Video by svaalbard (insane0h) (thanks!)

II. Installation
1. Go to ENBSeries website and download the archive from this link. Extract only the WrapperVersion -> d3d9.dll file into your Skyrim's root folder.
2. Extract the content of Enhanced Motion Picture ENB archive into Skyrim's root folder and overwrite everything.
3. Go to Imaginator page and install it.
4. Run the game (make sure 'Further dark dungeons for ENB' and 'Imaginator' are the last 2 loaded mods!) and summon Imaginator helper to make it look like in my pictures. (use Contrast_Decrease_10 x 2 times and Saturation_Increase_10 x 2 times).

*No custom lighting mod needed! If you use any, you might want to turn it off since this enb is darken by it's own settings.
*Recommended lens flare effect (the default one is too strong) below

III. Quick preview


IV. Uninstallation
- Delete the files you copied in the installation process.

*Other mods used in the preview are 'Riverwood enhanced' and 'Perfect Whiterun'. No other texture/enhancement mods used!

Special thanks to
- ENB developer Boris Vorontsov.
- mindflux for Dark Dungeons for ENB.
- sval for ReAL Sun - insane0h Realistic Sunglare.
- MannyGT for JJA SunGlare.
- MyGoodEye and Gopher for IMAGINATOR.

Endorse if you like it! Thanks.
Dorian G.