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Altered Nightingale Armor for different stats.

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*** This shouldn't have to be said but... REMOVE ALL YOUR ITEMS FROM THE OLD CHEST WHEN UPGRADING! ***

I didn't think the enchantments on some of the Nightingale Armor really suited my character, but I liked the look. I preferred some of the Thieves Guild armor stats. So I made a few different versions and put them in a chest in Nightingale Hall.

The game assigns 4 different versions of the default armor based on your level when you get there. I renamed the vanilla armors to include a tier number:

Nightingale Armor
Nightingale Armor I
Nightingale Armor II
Nightingale Armor II

This differentiates the pieces that have stats on them. Also some of them have names like "Archery" to signify that they boost Bow skill rather than the default.

I carry both regular and archery gloves because I'm primarily bow but sometimes 1h.

The boots have the same enchantment on them regardless of your level so they just became Boots of Stealth.

I made this stuff for me, and I'm just uploading to share... don't gripe about what I picked for stats. If you have any requests for pieces with different stats for your playstyle, ask and I will make them and add them to the chest.

The chest is SAFE btw, so you can store things in it and they will not disappear.

Nightingale Custom Armor
A few different custom versions of the Nightingale Armor.

The armors can be found in a chest in Nightingale Hall just next to the stones that give you the default armor. The chest is named Nightingale Custom Armor.

Change Revisions:
*Placed armor in custom chest now. This should resolve issues with random chests in the world containing Nightingale Armor. (sorry...)
*Renamed Chest to make it easier to identify.

> Use Nexus Mod Manager
> Manually extract the file in your Skyrim data directory. (On a typically Windows
install this is probably in \"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\skyrim\\Data\".)

> Use Nexus Mod Manager
> Manually delete "Nightingale Custome Armors.esp" from your Data folder.