The Secret of the Spellbreaker - Ward Effect for Shields by TheBugfix
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I personally like the Spellbreaker's Ward Effect but the Dwemer Style of the shield doesn't fit to my character's appearance.
This mod allows you to reveal the secret of the Spellbreaker, so you can apply the Ward Effect on other shields (Not via Enchantment!), completely lore-friendly.


You will need the Arcane Blacksmith Perk in order to begin, so your Smithing Skills have to be at least at Level 60.
  • Get the daedric artifact "Spellbreaker"
  • Go to any forge you like
  • Create "Disassembled Spellbreaker Components" (Recipe: 1 Spellbreaker, 1 Embalming Tool (One of the four different Embalming Tools you find in Nordic Ruins. I renamed it to "Embalming Screw Tool" to avoid confusion), 1 Knife (The Dwarven cutlery), 5 Lockpicks)
  • Having those Spellbreaker Components in you inventory, you can create "Notes about Spellbreaker" (Recipe: 1 Quill, 1 Inkwell, 1 Paper Roll, Disassembled Spellbreaker Components in your inventory)
  • Read "Notes about Spellbreaker" to get further instructions
  • Use the described recipe (Spoiler: 1 Dwarven Centurion Dynamo, 1 Dwarven Oil, 1 Small Dwemer Lever, 2 Dwarven Metal Ingots, 2 Dwarven Gears, 1 Grand Soul Gem (filled). You will also need to know a Ward Spell. When chosing "Default" the power of the final effect will be the same as the power of the strongest Ward Spell you know (Lesser: 40, Steadfast: 60, Greater: 80). When chosing "Stronger" the the final effect on the shield will be stronger (Lesser: 50, Steadfast: 100, Greater: 150 (Ward Spells are untouched by this mod))) to create a "Lesser/Steadfst/Greater Spellbreaker Core". The "Notes about Spellbreaker" have to be in your inventory for this.
  • Get an unenchanted regular Shield and create a "[Material] Shield of Spellbreaking" (Recipe: 1 unenchanted regular Shield, 1 Spellbreaker Core). You will need the corresponding Smithing Skill for each shield.

If you chose a "Less Complicated" version, it will be slightly easier to create a Spellbreaking Shield (making it a bit unbalanced in my opinion).
  • You won't need any specific Skill in order to begin.
  • To create "Disassembled Spellbreaker Components" you will just need 1 Spellbreaker and 1 Lockpick.
  • To create "Notes about Spellbreaker" you will just need 1 Paper Roll and Disassembled Spellbreaker Components in your inventory.
  • The recipe for a Spellbreaker Core is just (Spoiler:) 1 Dwarven Centurion Dynamo, 1 Grand Soul Gem (filled).
  • To "install" the Spellbreaker Core into a regular Shield you won't need the corresponding Smithing Skill of the shield.

The weight of the Spellbreaker Core is 4, so every "modified" shield is 4 points heavier.

After all this you can also reassemble the original Spellbreaker using the Disassembled Spellbreaker Components and a forge.


When chosing "Default" the final Ward Strength of a created Shield will be the same as the best Ward Spell you know (Lesser: 40, Steadfast: 60, Greater: 80).
"Stronger" will make the effect stronger (for those playing on Master Difficulty or something). Lesser: 50, Steadfast: 100, Greater: 150.
It is not possible to "upgrade" a Shield but you can create a new Shield when getting better Ward Spells at any time.

  • Visual effects are not looking like the original Ward Spells (This works for the Vanilla Spellbreaker either, so it's a general problem)


  • Created shields resp. Spellbreaker Cores are stronger according to the Ward Spells you know
  • 3 different Spellbreaker Cores to create different strong Shields added
  • 3 different strong variants of the effect for every Shield added
  • Independent option to make the vanilla Spellbreaker stronger (75, 100)
  • Download option for stronger effects improved

  • Created shields are no longer disenchantable
  • Added "Stronger Effect" Variant, increasing modded and vanilla Spellbreaker Effects to 75

  • Add a Tutorial on how to get custom shields to work.
  • Making it possible to create weaker Spellbreaker Cores even if stronger Cores are possible.
  • Kind of stand-alone files to only make the effect of the vanilla Spellbreaker stronger. (v1.2)
  • Different strong Spellbreaker Cores so the effect on the created shield is stronger according to your skills in Restoration and/or Enchanting. Higher skills -> stronger Core -> stronger effect. (v1.2)
  • Upgradable shields so the effect becomes stronger (Revised, see above)
  • Stronger effects (v1.1)