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Natalie is a healer companion, equipped with her own AI and custom spells to heal you and your allies.

She looks for people with low health and chooses the best suited healing spell based on injury, distance and her magicka. She possesses different healings spells and even masters Grand Healing to save your party in critical situations.

Natalie focuses mailnly on healing and starts with the following custom healing spells. You can use mods like UFO to train her new spells. I recommend training her a ward spell, when she reaches a higher level. Remember that she needs to reach a higher level before she can cast the stronger spells.

  • Healing (short)
  • Healing (medium)
  • Healing (long)
  • Healing (long)
  • Fast Healing
  • Healing Hands (short)
  • Healing Hands (medium)
  • Healing Hands (long)
  • Healing Hands (dual medium)
  • GrandHealing (aoe heal)

UFO Ultimate Follower Overhaul
More followers for Natalie to heal. Train Natalie new spells. Followers are not regenerating health (they do only in relax mode). You can make Natalie essential. Many other Features.

No Health and Reduced Magicka Regeneration
The Player is not regenerating health.

I recommend to set all your followers to non-essential with UFO ("you are not important") and use this resurrection spell mod in case one of them dies.

There are different looks in the download section to change Natalies appearance

no additional mods required

no additional mods required

no additional mods required

(starts at 4:47)

with Nexus Mod Manager:

1. Download Main mod file via NMM
2. (optional) Choose and download one of Natalies appearance mods via NMM
3, Activate Main mod in Mod Manager
4. (optional) Activate appearance mod on Mod Manager, when asked to upgrade hit "no"
5. Check the load order
6. Start game

Manual installation:

1. Download Main mod file
2. (optional) Choose and download one of Natalies appearance mods
3. Extract both zip files to the skyrim data folder
4. Make sure the Main esp is loaded before the Look esp
5. Start game

Load order:

... other mods esms ...
RaceCompatibility.esm (if you use The Ashen mod)
ApachiiHair.esm (if you use ApachiiHair mod)
... other mods esps ...
LovelyHairstyles.esp (if you use Loverlyhair mod)
OrientalRace.esp (if you use The Ashen mod)
... other mods that use The Ashen or Lovely Hair ...
Natalie - Healer Follower.esp
Natalie - Healer Follower - Look x.esp (if you use a appearance mod)

You can find Natalie in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

The game won't start anymore! Why?
Here are some things you can check and try:
Check the load order.
Check if you have all required mods installed.
Sort out which mods are conflicting or causing the problem by adding and testing the mods one after another.

Her face is all black or dark! How can I fix that?
Check the load order. The look esp must be loaded after the main esp

Why isn't she healing at all?
Check if her magicka is low or stuck. Did you install any other mods effecting her magicka?
Try to punsh her with fists, that resets her AI and magicka regeneration rate (indicated by message in upper left corner)

If you upgraded from a old version, try a new clean upgrade:
1. Uninstall the mod
2. Load your save game
3. Save the game
4. Quit the game
5. Install latest version of the mod
6. Load your save game

She's ugly!
Thats not a question. Try one of the appearance mods above or make your own appearance mod (it's easy!)

She's dead. How can I get her back?
Use this resurrection spell mod:
or resurrect her with console:
open console, left click on natalie (her ID is shown), type "resurrect", hit enter, close console.
You might want to make her essential with UFO.

I resurrected her, now she won't heal me anymore. How can i make her heal again?
Try to punsh her with fists, that resets her AI (indicated by message in upper left corner)

Why is she not leveling and why is so weak?
Natalie is set to auto level from 1 to 50 with multiplier 1.0. That means her level will be set to the Players level, when you first meet her. Currently followers stats are not recaclulated in skyrim resulting in the followers level to raise but not their stats. With third party mods like UFO you can recalculate the stats ("train some, you are weak"). If you install Natalie to existing save game you have to level your Player first before you can recalculate her stats.
The latest skyrim patch might have fixed the follower leveling issue.

I want to thank:
thekineticeffect - For helping me with custom races and custom hairstyles
RandomNoob - For answering my scripting questions in the forum