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So many enchanted weapons, but no real magic, now it's time to change it! This mod will give you 9 enchantable elemental weapons with Flame, Ice, and Storm special effects.

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Hello Dovahkiins :D

The Dovahkiin should have the coolest and hottest shocking weapons in Skyrim, he should have the Elemental weapons.

The Elemental weapon mod will give you nine elemental weapons. The Elementals are flame, ice and storm weapons. They are smithable, enchantable and have the same stats like daedric weapons. They are not enchanted, the special effects are integrated in to the weapons, so you can enchant them like you want. All swords are made from scratch :D


How to get them:
Like in my other mods, I added a way to hide the weapons at the forge. To reveal them you need to craft The Elemental Smithing Knowledge Cube and hold it in your inventory. The cube, like the weapons are in the daedric section.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager or extract the files to your Skyrim/Data folder and select it in the Skyrim launcher.

You can uninstall it like any other mod, via the nexus mod manager or by deleting the two mod related files.



German by powerbenny1706:
German translation direct link

Russian by Eriko:
Russian translation direct link

French by Narugatsuto:
French translation direct link


Known issues:
- The zooming in the inventory will not work properly, this is caused by the particles life span. Longer life span makes zooming worse.


Version 1.0
- adds a set of elemental daggers
- adds a set of elemental swords
- adds a set of elemental greatswords



Thanks to olivierhacking for this video :-)

Wish much fun and greetings from Slovakia :D
Tom (Space Wiking)