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Give each of your followers their own home - The new home can be any place, including custom player homes - Dismissed followers will return to their new home - Compatible with UFO, AFT, SMF, SCLE and EFF - Supports up to 250 followers - Supports custom followers

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

Official SSE port by Allie1718:

Official XBOX port by Allie1718:

Magyar fordítás ignusson (1.21):
Traditional chinese translation by c821118 (1.21):
Traduction française par Valkyr47 (1.21):
Deutsche Uebersetzungen von Deigradius (v1.2) und WileCoyote68 (v1.1) zu finden unter Optional Files.
Czech Localization by Khenyk:
Tradução para o português brasileiro de metal33br (v1.1) em Optional Files.
Traducción al castellano de Gardion (v1.1):
Traduzione italiano di Siegfriedm (0.8):
NOTE: versions below 0.8 do not work with Skyrim v1.8 and later!

My Home Is Your Home 1.2 by Volek

  • You can give each of your followers their own home. Dismissed followers will return to their new home.
  • The new home can be any place, including custom player homes.
  • They will wander around, eat, sleep, use furniture and tools.
  • You can assign guard/sleep/work areas for up to 60 followers. The assigned area can be anywhere, they will change locations to reach it.
  • You can fast-travel to any follower's home if you talk to them while they are following.
  • Compatible with Ultimate Follower Overhaul, Amazing Follower Tweaks, Simple Multiple Followers, Spouses Can Live Everywhere and Extensible Follower Framework.
  • Supports up to 250 followers.
  • Supports custom followers.

NOTE FOR UPDATERS: Please make sure that all loose script files from previous installations are removed. Go to Data/Scripts and delete vvvMarkHome*.pex.

More details and important info:
  • Requires at least Skyrim v1.8! Does NOT require any DLC nor SKSE (unless you want support for Dragonborn, see below).
  • If you cannot see the new dialogue, save your game and load your game. This will fix it.
  • When you talk to your current follower, there will be a new dialogue topic near the end of the topic list, "Let's talk about home". Selecting it will register the NPC to this mod, and will assign an invisible marker to him. Tell your follower that "this place is your new home". The marker will be moved to your current position. When you dismiss the follower later, they will return to that marker and try to interact with stuff in the area.
  • You can move all your follower's home markers at once by telling any follower to "gather here". This will move all markers to the current position. Note that only followers who have been told "about home" before will return here, if you never talked with them "about home", they'll return to their original home when dismissed. This command will take a while to execute, it will relocate 250 home markers at once!
  • You can tell your follower to forget the place you told them before. This will unregister the NPC from the mod and they will return to their original home. Just ask them if they like their home.
  • When you use the fast-travel option, you will see two loading screens. Usually you can't fast-travel to interiors, so the first load is the actual fast-travelling, the second is moving the player inside the house.
  • The guard and sleep options cannot be issued at the same time, both are executed at night between 10 PM and 6 AM. NPCs guarding an exterior area will automatically receive and use a torch, which will be removed when the guard duty ends. The work option is executed between 9 AM and 5 PM, it's basically a normal sandbox behavior so NPCs will interact with any furniture in the area.
  • As of v1.1, the names of all registered followers will be added to a "Book Of Homies". This book is auto-added to your inventory, but only after a fresh installation of the mod, or if you restart the controlling quest. Open the console and type "stopquest 0x000D62", and "startquest 0x000D62". Type "help vvv" to find out what x is. If you restart the quest all followers will unregister and loose their homes!
  • As of v1.2, you can assign homes to your Dwemer automaton pets from Dragonborn DLC.This feature requires SKSE! If you don't have SKSE 1.6 or later, they will return to their original home.

Known Issues:
  • If you want to play any Dawnguard quest that involves Serana, it is strongly advised to unregister her before continuing (tell her she may go wherever she likes).
  • Dismissed followers don't seem to use stairs if their home location is an interior cell. Assign different work/sleep/guard areas for a workaround.
  • There might be followers who ignore the new sandbox packages.
  • Followers guarding an area might not always react to incoming threats, unless they are attacked.
  • Followers guarding an area might attack your spouse or random friendly people. Save your game before using the guard order!

UFO users:
  • If dismissed followers won't follow when hired again, and the rehire topic won't go away, load a previous savegame and dismiss all your followers before activating this mod.
  • It may happen that your dismissed followers will walk towards their original home before my mod overrides the UFO home sandbox. They should turn around after a while and go to the home you gave them.

AFT users:
  • Newer versions of AFT have a "hang out here" order, my mod overrides this order and followers will return to their assigned home instead of hanging out at the current position.
  • After dismissing a hireling (NPCs at taverns who will follow for 500g), it may happen that they can't be rehired, only the home dialogue appears. Assigning a new home before dismissing them might fix it.

SCLE users:
  • If you marry your follower (for example Marcurio), and mark a home with the Spouse mod, and also mark another home with MHYH, he will always use MHYH's home instead of the Spouse home. And as soon as you tell him to forget his MHYH home, he will go to his Spouse home.

EFF users:
  • EFF has a ''residence'' function, which works similar to MHYH's home function.
  • MHYH's home sandbox overrides EFF's residence sandbox, but not immediately. If you assign a residence and a home in different places, your followers might stay a while at the assigned residence and later go to their assigned home, eg. after you waited one hour or fast-traveled elsewhere and back.

There may be more bugs with some followers, we could not test them all.

Tested and confirmed working with these followers:
  • All Housecarls (although there has been a report that Iona doesn't work)
  • All Hirelings
  • Orc followers at the strongholds
  • Meeko
  • Cicero
  • Serana Attention, it is advised to finish all related Dawnguard quests before setting her new home.
  • Steadfast Dwarven Sphere and Steadfast Dwarven Spider

It should work with all follower mods that are based on the vanilla follower system.

Tested and confirmed NOT working with these followers:
  • Vigilance
  • Stray Dog

Thanks to ebg2465 for the original idea and testing!
Thanks to sydranark for help with Dawnguard issues!
Thanks to Petrovich for help with voiced dialogue!
Thanks to rollander for adding 200 additional follower slots and testing!
Thanks to joshx336 for help with Dragonborn support!
Thanks to JohnNav for continued support and help! You are the best!
Thanks to Allie1718 for porting the mod to SSE and XBOX!
Thanks to all the translators too!

Version History:
  • v1.2 - Guarding NPCs will now roam around more, added support for the Dwemer automaton pets from Dragonborn DLC, small dialogue changes, guard/sleep/work options available for 60 followers.
  • v1.1 - changed/fixed a few dialogue lines, added book with list of registered followers, added new options for up to 50 followers: guard, sleep, work
  • v0.92 - fixed bug in follower package 135
  • v0.91 - fixed bugs in follower slots 55 and 60
  • v0.9 - Now supports up to 250 different followers - update made by rollander
  • v0.81 - Updated plugin for Skyrim 1.8, fixed issue with follower package when hiring 42 followers or more
  • v0.8 - Supports up to 50 followers, dialogue is voiced for most NPCs, fast-travel should now work (almost) correctly
  • v0.73 - Raised quest priority even more to make it work with Dawnguard followers
  • v0.72 - Raised quest priority to make it possibly work with Cicero, changed some dialogue words to avoid mis-clicking
  • v0.71 - Excluded temporary quest followers, removed protected flag
  • v0.7 - Increased AI sandbox radius to support huge homes, added support for a total of 40 followers
  • v0.6 - Added feature to make followers forget their assigned home
  • v0.5 - Added support for Meeko (other dogs still don't work)
  • v0.4 - Initial release