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Last updated at 20:39, 2 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 5:24, 2 Jun 2012

July 16 2012-haven't done anything yet, but am going to say that I might tweak the jaw height soon to not be so hefty.
June 2 2012-added a non-warpaint version. Gave her some vague eyeliner otherwise she would look very very plain. And weird.
-also added alternates for no scars, and no scars no warpaint

So Lydia was the next interesting follower in Whiterun that hasn’t been modded yet in my game so I started a new remake of her.Critiques are always welcome, but not insults. As always I hope you like her! (:

Use NMM or extract the files into the skyrim root folder manually. Make sure that the .esp is below mods that affect followers such as UFO!

Use NMM or delete all of the files manually. If you are doing it manually makes sure to take out the .TARGA, .dds, and the .NIF files with the number 000A2C8E located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm and

Mods Used (none of them required) list corrected by (BIG thank you to herHIM!)

The funny hat is from Bob's armory
The armor is a Blue Stripes armor black and red retexture found in the option files

What I use for my screenshots:
Jasmin Real Graphic ENB
customized Realistic Lighting
Console commands like tfc and fov

KNOWN issues: Lydia face won't match her body in skin tone in certain lightings IF you use Navetsea's body texture. Optional to download eitherway.

ALSO if you downloaded any of the WYLDTATS there maybe a problem where the tatoos will disappear if you download the custom freckles! EDIT: Forget what I said earlier and place wyldtats .esp below the freckles .esp. It SHOULD work because it did for me.