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Added: 02/06/2012 - 04:17AM
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Ok so it's a simple mod which change the camera position in pose, combat and on your horse.

I hate the camera position in combat vanilla, I have the impression to return in morrowind...

Video comparison :

So I was inspired for the combat camera by the action video games (like Mass effect).
For the horse I was inspired by the video game "Shadow of the colossus" (great game) for a horse sprint more dynamic.
And, simply, for the pose camera, i think it's a good position for the conversations, and it's good for admire the Dovahkiin :D


WATCH OUT, if you use a bow, aim at a little bit to the right
(Check the screenshot "cross to the right")


Copy the lines and stick in the C/Users/YourName/documents/My Games/Skyrim/Skyrim.ini

Check the ReadMe for an example ;)